30+ Small Business Ideas in Japan in 2023 With Low Investment


Japan has a vibrant economy that is the 2nd most powerful in the world after the US as far as the technology is concerned.

kJapan also has the 3rd largest economy throughout the globe after the US and China, when it comes to the measurement on Purchase Power Parity.

The country is the 4th largest exporter as well as the 4th largest importer of the world. All these things make the business environment very favorable for the individuals who want to initiate their startups in Japan this year. Some of the best business ideas in Japan for 2023 are as follows:

Small Business Ideas in Japan in 2023

Small Business Ideas in Japan

1. Massage Therapy Business

In Japan, opening up a spa can be one of the successful business ideas in Japan. It is a Japanese trend to get a massage therapy. So, if you hire the people who do this job in the right way, then your business can start blooming in a short period.

You can first start on a small scale by providing the therapy services yourself. Later on, you can hire people who would work under you. It is great if you get your certification of massage therapy.

2. Event Planning Business

It is one of the small scale businesses in Japan that you can pursue if you are good at managing different events. This is the best business idea for you in Japan if you enjoy coordinating the wedding elements, making arrangements at parties and various other occasions.

You can first start it as a side business. Later on, if you start getting more and more orders then, you can continue this business by quitting your job.

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3. Alternative Medicine Business

The sector of alternative medicine is also very lucrative in Japan, in a similar way it is in the countries like India, China, etc. There is a great demand of herbal medicines and products and the natural health physicians.

Therefore, if you have enough knowledge about yoga, alternative medicines, Ayurveda, homeopathic medicine, etc. then you must start this business in Japan.

4. Agriculture Business Opportunities

It is one of the best Japanese business ideas in the country because there is a great demand for food as well as other types of agricultural products in the country. Fruits, vegetables and livestock products like eggs, cheese, etc. have a high demand.

Therefore, if you have an agricultural background then Japan is the right place for you to start the business. The best thing about an agricultural business is that it can be started with a small amount of capital.

Moreover, you don’t need to have any formal certifications or degree.  Hence, it is one the most successful small business ideas in Japan.

5. Japanese Food Business

There are a number of well-known Japanese food items that not only the people of Japan like but the people from different countries also love to eat. These food items include bone broth, mochi balls Itsu, Wasabi Sushi, Bento etc.

It has been predicted that 2023 is going to have a more independent and diverse range of food items in Japan. Therefore, it can be an amazing small business in Japan for the year 2023.

6. Becoming a DJ for Events

The setup of DJ is one of the most important desks in any party or event.

The people of Japan also love to invite talented and skillful DJs who add up to the fun of their events and parties. So, if you have good skills of music then you can pursue this unique business idea in Japan.

7. Becoming a Freelance Designer

If you are good at graphic designing and you have good skills for dealing with color schemes, then it is great to make up your profile as a Freelance Designer and bid for different projects.

Initially you have to bid on a number of projects of your own. But later own, when your portfolio would be built up, the clients will contact you of their own.

There are many platforms on which you can start the work including Freelancer, Truelancer, Fiverr and Upwork.

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8. Becoming a Pet Hotel Owner

In Japan, people love to go on vacations. At that time, they face difficulty in making some arrangements for their pets since mostly they cannot take the pets with them on the trips.

You can pursue the unique business idea of becoming a pet hotel owner by providing the services to such people by taking care of their pets during the time of their vacation.

You can specify your charges and earn a handsome amount of money by this business and you don’t need any particular skills or certifications to start this business.

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9. Becoming a Tech Support Professional

The businesses on small-scales mostly don’t have enough capital in the beginning to become able to hire the employees for their IT department.

If you are a person with an IT background then you can provide such small scaled businesses your services for managing their IT department. You can make contracts with the small-scale businesses owners and provide them your services online.

10. Becoming a Health Consultant

Becoming a health consultant in Japan can also be a great idea. But, for that you definitely have to get some certifications and you must have enough skills related to the field.

You can become a registered nutritionist or a dietitian by passing a particular exam. After passing the exam and completing the course, you can officially start the business of a health consultant.

Some other small business ideas in Japan that can prove to be very lucrative and successful in 2023 are as follows:

  1. Online store business
  2. Interior designing business
  3. Freelance writer
  4. Tutor for students
  5. Mobile detailing in Tokyo
  6. Information Technology business
  7. Personal trainer
  8. Retail business opportunities
  9. Jewelry business
  10. Pharmaceutical Business & Investment Opportunities

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