Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Japan in 2023


Looking for highest paying jobs in Japan in 2023? Great!!! In this article, we will see 10 highest paying jobs in Japan.

Japan is a beautiful Island in Pacific Ocean with dense cities. It is always charming to live and earn in Japan. If you are planning to go and live in Japan, then this article is of great use for you.

In Japan, everyone can get a job: whether you are a student, elder, teenager or in old age. If you have skills and will to do work and earn handsome amount then the country of Japan is a good option to move on.

The important thing is to have right knowledge of how to search a job and what skills you need should have to get any specific job with a handsome amount of salary.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Japan in 2023

highest paying jobs in Japan

#1 English teacher

This comes at number one in high paying jobs in Japan. Teaching of English in Japan is a very common job and the vacancies for this job are also available in god quantity in Japan.

#2 IT Professional

The second highest paying job in Japan is for IT professionals. No doubt use of technology is very necessary in every field of life. That is why IT professionals can find good and high paying jobs in Japan.

#3 Business Analyst

Next, high paying job in Japan is Business Analyst. This is a high paying job as it as this post is responsible for the high performance and better competitiveness.

#4 Sales staff

At number four we have sales staff as high paying job in Japan. In Japan, sales staff is in high demand. In sales staff, sales manager, sales person, sales representatives come. Japanese like to take these services from foreigners.

#5 Freight Forwarder

This job comes at 5th number among high paying jobs in Japan. Japan is famous in import and exports business. Freight forwarders are responsible for safe and effective movement of goods.

#6 Banker

Of course, like all other countries bankers are in the list high paying jobs in Japan. Bankers in Japan get handsome salary as they are responsible for the accounts of all kinds of businesses.

Banks which have large investments like to hire foreign bankers to increase the reputation of the banks in the international market.

#7 Service Staff

Service staff is listed at number seven in high paying jobs in Japan. To get a job of high paying service staff, you need to have good skills in Japanese Language, know how about Asian Culture etiquettes and a valid visa.

There are numerous posts available for the service staff in different industries like Hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc. Owners of such industries like to hire foreign staff due to their dual language skills

#8 Engineer

Of course, this is a high paying job all over the world. When the matter is of Japan we know this country is famous for technologies and machinery. That’s why if you have engineering background then you can get a handsome amount of salary in Japan.

#9 Actors/models

Job of actors or models come at number nine in the high paying jobs in Japan. The fashion and film industry welcomes the persons having talent in his field. I you have the relevant guts and skills you can chose this profession among the top 10 high paying jobs in Japan.

#10 Bars

Yes! This is indeed a high paying job if you know that how much Japanese love to go and spend time in bars.

There are various options of jobs in Bars, like waiters, managers, accountants, DJs and above all is dancing and music.  If you are a singer or good dancer, you can get good earning while working in bars in Japan.

There are even more good paying jobs in Japan which we’ll add soon in this list.

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Author: Attiya Awan