10 Best & Profitable Small Business Ideas in Russia


Brainstorming about best small business ideas in Russia that will make you rich and successful? Here are small business opportunities in Russia which you can pursue with little to high investment.

Russia is the largest country of the world on the basis of its surface area. Similarly, it is the ninth most populated country of the world. There are lots of business opportunities in the country especially in biggest cities in Russia including Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, and Samara. Even the investors come from other countries to grow their businesses in Russia.

According to Forbes, the retailers from the USA also prefer to doing business in Russia because of the continuous development and growth of their businesses in Russia.

So, if you want to start a business in Russia, you would definitely find lots of business opportunities in Russia. Some of the best business ideas that prove to be lucrative when started in Russia, are as follows:

10 Profitable Business Ideas in Russia

Small Business Ideas in Russia

1. Business of Seafood and Fish

According to the global position of the country, there are three oceans including the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean that are accessible to Russia.

Therefore, Russia is the greatest seafood and fish producer. So it is a great idea to invest in this kind of business in Russia; it is a profitable venture indeed.

2. Business of Clothes, Garments and Accessories

It is one of the great business opportunities in Moscow, Russia. For starting this business, you have to get a shop on rent in a suitable area. You have to get stock for your shop according to the latest fashion.

It must be noted that most of the parts of Russia are cold, so you have to keep the garments accordingly. You can also keep long boots and sweaters in your shop.

3. Business of Furniture

According to an estimate, the largest forest range is also found in Russia. This makes Russia the greatest exporter of Timber. So, starting a business of wood and furniture in Russia is a great idea indeed. You can either do the exportation of timber or start you own business of furniture production.

It is such a business in Russia in which there is very less chance of risk, and most of the people who start this business succeed in making a large amount of profit every year.

4. Becoming a Tourist Guide

There are lots and lots of tourists’ attractions in the country that bring people from various countries to visit Russia every year. The most famous places of the country include Mount Elbrus, Kizhi Island, Trans-Siberian Railway, etc.

So, becoming a tourist guide is not only one of the great business opportunities in Russia, but it is a fun business as well. It’s just that you need to have knowledge about different places of Russia.

5. Organizing Football matches

The people of Russia are crazy about football. They do not only support their football team but also love to play the game. On this basis, you can make up a club for organizing football matches among different teams in various cities of Russia.

Especially, if you also love the game as well, there wouldn’t be any better opportunity for starting your business in Russia. However, you have to be good at organizing and carrying out the management tasks related to the matches.

6. Providing Children’s Services

There are lots of ways in which you can provide children’s services in Russia and make it an outstanding way of earning. You can offer the preschool education for the young children who are too young to be admitted to the schools.

If you are good at art, you can make your art-school on a small scale. You can also let the young children learn different skills related to music, dance, languages, etc. You can also make a school for fitness and physical activities of the young children. It is one of the best businesses to start in Russia.

7. Starting a Bakery Business

The business of bakery is a very comfortable business to start. You can begin from a home business and then later on you can make up your own bakery anywhere in Russia.

You should also give the service of deliver because a high percentage of people prefer delivery services rather than going to the market and getting their stuff.

You should provide the best quality and delicious products to the customers. If you do so, nobody would be able to stop you from generating a lot of profit every month.

8. Ice- Cream Stand Business

It is another easy small business idea in Russia that you can start without lots of efforts. It is your choice to make it mobile or fixed. Mobile stands mostly bring more income comparatively.

9. Opening a Gift Shop

This can be another lucrative business idea to pursue in Russia. Not only the people of Russia love buying gifts for their loved ones, but also the tourists coming from different places take gifts for their friends and relatives before returning to their home-towns.

10. Becoming a Hair-Stylist and Make-up Artist

It is one of the wonderful business ideas in Russia. It you have the skills, you can later one make up your own beauty parlor and ear a lot of money every month. After expanding the business you can also hire other worker under you after training them properly.

More business ideas in Russia will be added soon!