5 Big Technology Brands that Are Watching You in Your Privacy


The world in which we are living today, the access of the internet has become imminent and the use of the cyberspace has become necessary no time ever before. The internet is the mother of the modern technology and it is evolving day by day in our lives.

These days’ people owned their individual cell phones, gadgets and Computer devices running with different operating systems and they always seem busy with uploading, sharing and even in the installation.

All these activities may seem very fascinating and interesting, but on the other hand, people don’t know they are continuously is under surveillance of big technology brands that are watching you in your privacy. Well! Are you stunned to listen to that? Then, yes it is true and you don’t even have a clue about that.

They are secretly tracking your mobile phones, tablets, pads and even the computer machines laptops and desktops connected to the internet and get their hands on your all of information that you have stored in your devices the moment these are connected to the internet and till the moment these devices unplugged from the cyberspace technology.

Big technology Brands Doing Invasion of Privacy

The Big Technology Brands that Are Watching You in Your Privacy

They remotely get access to your devices once these are connected to the internet; they are sneaking into your habits of the user devices, and they can use different sort of commercial and Ads to do so and you being sit idle don’t know what is happening over your cell phone of Android, IOS and  MAC and windows computer machines.

There is the number of big technology brands to whom you are familiar with and use it on daily basis and are doing your mobile phone surveillance, computer tracking, and others and invading your privacy to the fullest without your consent.

The technology brands can get access to your cell phone camera and gallery, phone memory and get information out of it. Don’t interpret the technology brands as cell phone spy app for android or computer monitoring software for Windows & MAC. Because these type of apps are developed in the favor of consent monitoring, digital parenting and even for the employee monitoring.

But when it comes to the big brands that are breaching your privacy are well –known and big technology brands that may give you a shock. Let’s discuss few forms the plenty of it.

Big Technology Brands watching you in your privacy

1# Google

The Search Engine Google is without the shadow of the doubt is the kind of information technology. It compromises the entire information that you have searched or typed over it and continuously save it.

The information that it is getting out of you could be in the number of forms such as text, Voice, and video you process in any way using the services the company has provided to you.

The information that you have sent received and have found will be uploaded and you can get it even after a decade.

2# Snapchat

It is basically an instant messaging app that enables a user to share multimedia and images to other Snapchat users.

It is the social media app that can reveal the home address of yours by tracking your GPS location and further your shared material could be compromised to the people who are willing to buy it.

3# Pokemon Go

It has stunned the world and has made headlines the moment the online game has launched. The piece of technology has become a big technology brand that can access your cell phone camera when you are willing to play the game.

Furthermore, whenever, you want to use it will further want to get access to your cell phone memory, location information and to the photos. The companies have got the rights to share the information with the third party whenever they want without any objection from anyone.

The very interesting and alarming thing is when you make your mind to play the game and you have to provide your Gmail account and you want to play it on your Android or IOS device. Then it will gain access to your Google Drive, Google Maps and other related information to the fullest.

4# Play station

It is basically a gaming console that is very famous over the years and seems to be around for eternity. The play station4 can easily listen to the Voice commands and the foremost it can also listen to the background voices, sounds without the headgear.

However, it also collects the information that is based on your personal chooses ones.

5# Vizio Tv

It is a smart television manufacturer brand and can be connected to the internet. It’s been also used to record the TV habits of the user, track users eye movements, emotions and it’s been charged over 22 million for breaching the privacy of the users without the proper consent and even the fine has not made difference.

The company has already sold more than 11 million smart TVs that have breached the privacy of the users over the years.


All the above mentioned big technology brands can breach your privacy without your consent and your kids may be storing something is very private on cell phones and computers.

Parents need to use the monitoring app for parental control to prevent children storing such kind of data on their gadgets and mobile phones.