Technology Investments that Slow Your Business Down


Today, the majority of businesses across the world rely on technology to perform their daily operations. Technology has not only improved the quality of products and services but also enabled organizations to increase their sales and profits.

Technology is like a double-edged sword. When used properly, it will pay back in spades. When used ineffectively, it will slow down the growth of your business.

One of the best ways to accelerate the growth of your business is by understanding the common tech issues that are likely to cause problems in your business.

Taking your time to understand these issues will make it easier for you to resolve them when they arise and use technology to your advantage. Let’s get started!

9 Technology Investment Issues you Should Know

technology investment

1# Information Overload

The rapid advancement in technology has made it possible for information to be collected and published easily and quickly. This huge volume of information usually interrupts business operations from time to time.

Information overload can result in loss of focus, over strategizing and indecision which leads to business failure.

There have been lots of discussions and debates on information overload in the past few years. Too much information offers top management too many choices which paralyzes decision making. Plus, most of the information collected is usually unnecessary.

To avoid such a scenario, organizations should do away with low-quality information. Since the Pareto principle applies here, you’ll do away with 80% of the information thus leaving behind a manageable 20%.

2# Security Issues

Security concerns in the technological sphere usually slow down business operations in every business. Despite the availability of sophisticated security tools, the biggest threats come from the creation of weak passwords and general carelessness.

Plus, natural disasters and attacks from hackers usually leads to loss of data.

Majority of organizations across the world find it difficult to balance between productivity and security. You cannot risk the security of your organization.

Finding the time to back up important information will have an impact on your productivity and performance in the long run. To manage your security and productivity issues, all you have to do is to come up with effective policies and train your team effectively.

3# Poor Maintenance

Technology is a tool that needs consistent maintenance for it to perform optimally. Most companies do not maintain their technological equipment regularly because they don’t have IT experts on their team.

Remember, when equipment fails, all the business operations will stop. And this can lead to huge losses. Routine maintenance will improve the equipment’s efficiency thus leading to increased production and sales.

If you want your business to succeed, you’ll have to allocate resources towards regular maintenance.

4# Lack Of Training

Despite the huge investment in technological equipment, some organizations fail to achieve their production and sales goals simply because the employees do not know how to use the hardware or software of technological equipment.

Such an issue arises because the executive management cannot find the link between productivity and employee training.

The majority of business people want technology to increase their productivity and performance without having understood everything about it.

On the other hand, IT teams may be focused on developing the best technology without really understanding the principles of business. To resolve this issue, you need to communicate with your business and IT team regularly to ensure they are working together.

5# Technological Upgrades

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate today. The moment you stop following up on the latest trends, you start falling behind. You cannot win over your competitors by using obsolete technological equipment or software.

You need to upgrade your technological equipment and software so that you can interact with your clients and employees easily.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on upgrades. Invest wisely by streamlining your operations so that your business generates some profit at the end of the day.

6# Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive technologies affect the way teams operate in any business. At times, they can render the entire business obsolete.

Some organizations have become so rigid over the years that they never consider the possibility of disruptive technologies making it impossible for them to adapt in case rapid market changes happen.

Other organizations adopt new technologies quickly only to find it impossible to backtrack when their clients reject it.

Your organization should be conversant with the technical developments that might impact their client’s way of life. The key to success is balancing between the current technology and emerging technology.

7# Speed Of Change

Technology is advancing faster than most managers think. Not to forget the increasing number of disruptive technologies that already exist in the market still facing constant improvements.

Companies that are not flexible cannot grow in such an environment. Technological changes can either impact your business positively or negatively.

The cost of adopting new technologies can be quite expensive. Therefore, you need to exercise discretion to avoid missing out on opportunities or wasting money on irrelevant upgrades.

Dealing with the speed and amount of change flexibly will help you understand your customers’ needs and use technology to fulfill them.

8# Looking For Perfect Solutions

Business managers who view technology as the main source for great solutions are making a huge mistake. Every type of technology has a downside and nothing can guarantee the success of your business. Companies will always rely on technology for production in the modern world.

However, no technology will fit any business model perfectly. When the top management demands technological perfection, they end up creating a conflict which decelerates growth.

You can overcome perfectionism by having realistic expectations. Clear communication between all departments in your organization will help your employees understand the importance of technology which will enhance continuous improvement.

9# Cost Of Technology

Every successful organization takes charge of their finances. The need for a new piece of technology can be ignored from time to time.

Keep in mind that an untrained team cannot produce high-quality goods and services in the long run. Ultimately, this leads to customer dissatisfaction. Frugal companies that ignore technological advancements end up losing big time. This should not happen to you.

The cost of technology has a huge impact, particularly on small and mid-sized organizations. Their small budget means that they will struggle to compete with large organizations.

Since every business needs to spend some money on technological advancement, it’s important to make technology a priority in your business. You can consider cutting costs in other areas when your business doesn’t have enough money.


As a business executive, you should never ignore technological advancements if you want to accelerate the growth of your business. Tech-related issues that we’ve discussed can decelerate growth and lead to collapse.

By empowering your team and making informed decisions, you’ll end up investing in technology that works for you.

Author Bio: Alice Jones is an experienced journalist and writer for from San Francisco, California. She has a Master’s degree from the University of San Fransisco. She is currently focused on topics that interest her namely freelancing, marketing and business.