The Pros and Cons of Virtual vs. In-Person Corporate Events


These days, if you want to have a digital work meeting, you can do that easier than ever before. You just send out an invitation with a Zoom link attached, and you tell your guests what time they should be there. As long as they RSVP, you will know who can attend, and you can start setting up the itinerary.

You can also have traditional, in-person events. If that appeals, you might look at a corporate event venue in Sandy that’s spacious and comfortable.

Let’s run down some of the cons and pros of both virtual and corporate events right now. This guide can help you decide which one makes more sense for your next business meeting.

Pros & Cons of Corporate In-Person Events

The Pros and Cons of Virtual vs. In-Person Corporate Events

The Pros of In-Person Events

If you have an in-person event, you can look each attendee in the eye as you talk to them. You can do that virtually, but it doesn’t have quite the same impact. If you’re trying to convince representatives of another company to partner with you, it’s tougher to do that via a Zoom link.

You also don’t have to worry about technology failing you at a crucial moment. If the Zoom link cuts out right when you’re in the middle of a speech, that can be pretty infuriating.

The Cons of In-Person Events

As for the negatives of in-person events, Covid-19 remains a big one. Unless everyone wears masks, you might have a superspreader event on your hands. If you have some people who are immunocompromised, they’re not going to want to meet in person.

You also have to pay for a flight from one point in the country to another. Some people might be reluctant to do that.

Pros & Cons of Corporate Virtual Events

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The Pros of Virtual Events

If you have a virtual event instead, there are no coronavirus risks, and nobody has to travel. You can connect with individuals all over the world. Presuming that the technology holds up, you can have a safe meeting where nobody gets sick, and no one will spend thousands of dollars on travel.

The Cons of Virtual Events

Technology failing you is usually the worst part of virtual meetings. If the Zoom link fails, or whatever other tech you’re using for this meeting, you’re going to be pretty upset about that.

You might also find that even if the tech seems relatively easy to use, some people are still going to struggle with it. If you have someone from an older generation, maybe they won’t do so well when they’re attempting to figure out how to turn the microphone on their laptop on and off and things of that nature.

Even some individuals from the younger generations aren’t that great with emerging technology. If you’re all there in person, none of this will be an issue.

There are certainly some compelling reasons to have either an in-person or a virtual meeting. Think about who will be attending, where they’re located, and similar considerations when making the final determination about what seems like the best move.

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