6 Features of Good Time Tracking Software With Screenshots


With today’s technology, there are so many ways to keep up with everyday things, such as work, time, and so much more makes it easy on bosses to check their workers’ timesheets and more.

6 Amazing Features of Time Tracking Software

1# Track Employees Time

If an employee has different staff working different hours, and some in multiple time zones, time tracking software with screenshots makes it so much easier on them; this is a way that they can keep track of their employees and how they spend their time.

time tracking

This will help you as the boss knows how well your business is and with time tracking with screenshots, it will do all of that for you. What’s great is you can set it up, so you have an automatic screenshot.

This will provide real-time screenshots, making it easier for you to manage your staff and will give you time to focus on other things.

2# Build Trust With Your Employees

Being able to build trust with your employees is very important and establishing a great workflow are the two things that take time to accomplish, being safe is the important thing here, even if you find no reason to trust your staff.

This helps you track your employees’ time with screenshots, and it’s so much easier. Who doesn’t want a reason not to trust your employees? This gives you that peace of mind and also tracks everyone helping to move your projects along.

3# Keep Check Online

With time tracking with screenshots, this helps your employees make better use of their time. Another great feature for you or other managers is that you can check online at any time to make sure everything is going the way it should.

It helps you keep track of your employees’ hours and helps you to know if they are working or not. These features include your ability to control when, where and what device you choose for your employees to clock in and out.

4# Edit Clock ins and Outs

Another great feature, you have the ability to edit the clock ins and outs, and your ability to round it to the nearest minute and so much more.

5# Stay Update During Working Hours

Another feature is managers can get a notification when someone tries to clock in and out if they are not scheduled. Now, this makes it easier for managers to make the daily, weekly or monthly schedule if for any reason they need to change a day, this makes it all so easy. This is the perfect setup for all businesses big or small.

6# Change Shift Using Dashboard

Let’s say one of your employees needs to change his shift with someone else, you have the ability to do so through the dashboard.

There are so many features to this and makes it all so easy; paid time off, request vacation time, and they are able to view their current schedule and more.

Final Words

Everything you need to keep your company running smoothly is all here. From reports to schedules to payrolls, everything is in one place. Screenshots are the new way to keep everything running smoothly and with no issues, no more, “I didn’t know I had to work” this will stop all of that.

Be able to track all your employees no matter where you are, from any one of your media devices is a great advantage. As the boss, we need to always pay attention to things that are going on in the workplace.

Someone’s switching hours with someone, or someone taking time off, now you’re able to record all of this and keep it for your records as well as a way to show them you have seen the changes.

Now all the tasks we have done in the past on a daily basis is all a waste. Time tracking with screenshots takes all of that without limiting your ability to still track and watch your projects. Keep it all up to date and real, no one can cheat on the time clock and pretend to be there or leave early. It’s all saved as a screenshot.

Having a productive team, you want it always to go right. This is not giving you any kind of a reason not to trust your employees; it saves time and makes it all so much easier. A screenshot is a new way of keeping track of everything going on in your workplace and more.

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Author: Cathy Carter