4 Trends That Will Define Customer Service in 2022 & Beyond


Client expectation will leave little room for error regarding customer experience in 2022. The organizations interested in providing their clients with a great customer experience will stand out, and those who fail to do it will struggle to remain competitive.

For businesses across all sectors, the last year will always be a defining moment because they had to adapt and shift their models completely. All companies felt the effects of rapidly changing customer expectations. Even Call Center Companies in the Philippines and other top BPO countries continue to learn and adapt to these changes to maintain their competence in the industry.

A survey concluded that 59% of buyers care more about customer experience in the post coronavirus time than they did before 2020 when deciding which company they purchase from.

There is little room for mistakes if you’re running a company because any challenge in the customer’s journey can trigger revenue loss and a potential gain for competitors. Meeting the demand for top customer experience can be a difficult task, but it’s necessary considering the competition in the market. Luckily, nowadays, you have access to technology that allows you to deliver the best services.

Here is what you need to know if you want to win your customers hearts and retain them. Let’s explore the trends that are likely to impact customer service in 2022.

4 Trends That Will Define Customer Service in 2022 & Beyond

Trends that will define customer service

1# Omnichannel communication will be everything

Suppose you neglected to operate focusing on omnichannel communication. In that case, it’s the moment to change your decision because the omnichannel approach provides you with the opportunity to deliver a seamless and consistent experience across all popular communication channels.

The latest research proves that people want more than to be able to get in touch with companies when and where it’s most convenient for them, they have expectations and demand for better services.

If you run an eCommerce business, you need to adopt a customer-centric ethos because your conversation works like a currency. 75% of buyers state that they would continue to buy from the same company even if another competitor appears on the market. Also, 76% of people would advocate for their favorite brand and recommend it to people if they’d be happy with the services they get.

Your purpose is to build quality and consistent conversational customer service to differentiate your company from your competitors.

2# Personalization takes the Centre stage

You shouldn’t be surprised that hyper-customization is the hottest subject in customer experience in 2022. Data shows that clients value a friendly, highly personalized, and efficient customer service experience.

As more tools and software allow companies to personalize more services, the customers’ expectations continue to change.

If your company provides customer service over the phone, you should personalize the hold music for business and get royalty-free tunes that match your brand and influence the clients’ mood.

When you personalize at scale, you should follow some stages:

– Unify the data to ensure that your customer service agents can easily access the customer data

– Segment and keep up with the changes in the audience to tailor information and provide them with valuable data

– Increase the usability of analytics to get insights into your public

– Use smart technologies to boost growth because they ensure that you can anticipate the market’s request.

3# Use software and tools that boost your efficiency

One may ask how does efficient customer service looks like these days. Experts state that all customer service agents are at their maximum productivity with minimum effort wasted. How can you achieve this in 2022? First, you need to equip your team with the right software and tools to streamline their conversation with the clients.

Efficiency doesn’t impact only the customer experience but also the company’s bottom line. Inefficient customer service triggers time wasted and unhappy clients that impact growth and revenue.

No matter how good trained and fantastic at speaking to people your employees are, they cannot work efficiently if they don’t have access to the right tools. To determine what software and tools would ease their job, you should answer the following questions.

– Where are my agents dealing with challenges in providing high-quality services?

– What’s the biggest waste of time in the process?

– What are the most repetitive tasks they need to complete?

– Where are they missing out on important information?

4# Greater Focus on the Importance of Agent Experience

During 2020 you understood how important customer experience is, and you fully embraced the idea that you need to change the way things go to attract and retain clients. But you may’ve missed one thing, the agent experience.

When you focus on your customer experience, you shouldn’t forget about agent experience.

The agent experience is a holistic view of how effective, efficient, and empowered your customer service agents are. The happier your agents are, the more satisfied with the customer services the clients will be.

How can you improve the agent experience?

– Offer them better software and tools

– Provide them with access to training

– Make customer data more accessible

– Provide them with relevant and specific feedback to help them understand how to react in particular cases

– Facilitate clear process documentation and flexible guidelines that allow them to prioritize client outcomes over performance

Customer experience is the one thing that can help you stand out from your competitors in 2022. No doubt following the above trends can help you provide a better CX.

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Author: Trevor Davis