Wearable App Development: Next Phase of Change


The technological progression in the wearables industry has created a new opportunity for app developers. Wearables are fast gaining popularity in the technology world just like smartphones did when they first hit the market.

Most forward-thinking companies are already making forays into this fast-paced technology by moving into wearable app development services.

They’re designing and modeling new wearable applications for both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store even as they also modify mobile apps for wearable compatibility.

The wearables industry is welcoming new devices in the categories of watches, wristbands, chest sensors, and more. These devices are aimed at bringing high mobility and live access to data.

They’ve been essentially designed using the most recent technology to make them ready for wearable applications.

Wearable App Development Services

Wearable App Development Services

Most of the companies that focus on wearable app development services are faced with demands for different types of apps. The whole idea behind wearables is to make the tracking of information real-time.

For example, a wearable linked to your doctor can send important information about your health, including heart rate, blood pressure, and more to your doctor.

Such information can be used for giving medical advice or monitoring patient progress. The following are just but a few of the apps that are transforming the wearable apps industry:

1# Standalone Apps

These are worn OS apps that have the ability to function independently of the phone. With these apps, the user can complete tasks on the device without necessarily connecting it to an Android or iOS phone. The wearable device only needs to connect with the phone’s internet or directly through Wi-Fi.

2# Cards or Glances

Glance connect to iOS and Android phones via Bluetooth to obtain and display notifications from your smartphone. With Glance, you don’t have to take your phone out of your pocket for basic functions like reading messages. It simply allows you to read received messages faster through the Spritz speed reading app.

3# Companion Apps

These apps are dependent on a smartphone. They work by sending commands to the wearable app and receive the user’s interaction. Such apps are available for both Android and iOS.

They enable users to request a friend or a family member to keep them company virtually and track their journey home via GPS through an online map.

4# Faces

With this app you can personalize your watch’s face by choosing a desired face from the available options using your phone. This is not only possible on the phone but is also available on the watch itself.

With the available apps on your wearable connected to your phone, it’s easier for you to customize your lock screen.

Developers are Building Apps for the Following Categories of Wearables

There are several different wearable devices for health and sports, among other industries. Below are a few such devices and their importance in the wearable industry.

Each of these disruptive technologies attract wearable app development services from both small and large app developers, an indication of how much importance is attached to these devices.

1# SmartWatches

A smartwatch is a portable device designed to be worn on the wrist. It operates more like a smartphone, like a mini computer on your wrist. They have a variety of functions since they come loaded with a suite of simple and advanced features.

Some of the functions of a smartwatch include, displaying notifications from your smartphone and managing media playback, as well as keeping track of your location.

There are many different types of SmartWatches in the market. Apple Watch remains the most dominant. It captures a bigger percentage of the global wearables market, courtesy of its large display and updated health sensors. The Appl Watch will most likely continue to hold the top position for longer.

Also available in the market are Google Watch and Samsung Gear. These two are also stable and are making inroads in different global markets.

2# Fitness Trackers

These devices are becoming popular among the athletes, sportspeople and adventure lovers. They cater to the needs of users by providing accurate feedbacks from their sports activities.

Most of these devices keep tabs on your workouts, heart rate, stress, and everything in-between with utmost accuracy.

Below are some of the Fitness Trackers available in the market.

1# Fitbit

This is a highly refined Fitness Tracker that keeps track of all your daily activities and workouts and offers a lot of insight into your overall health. It offers a full fitness suite, including a heart rate tracker, GPS, and the ability to pair with your smartphone.

2# Garmin

This device isn’t meant for professional athletes, but for those who would like to track their daily exercises and obtain useful data linked to their workouts. It’s more like a smartwatch with a heart rate monitor that helps tracking your heartbeat.

As this technology is slowly being adapted into the business world, new possibilities for greater usability in the business world are also being developed.

As the technology continues to advance, including wearable devices in your business will greatly reshape your way of doing business and help you deliver better services to the end-user.

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