5 Mistakes to Avoid When Beginning Your Investing Journey


Many businesses around the UK are now investing some of their profits in global financial markets. When you think about all it has to offer, it is easy to see why they are doing so.

Not only can it generate decent returns compared to putting money on deposit at the bank, it also allows you to diversify your income stream. There are also a great range of assets you could invest in as a business – from the crypto market to foreign currency, shares and P2P lending.

It is, of course, unwise to simply dive right in and start investing money without knowing what you are doing. Very often, the best way is to find out what common investing mistakes other new investors make so you can avoid them. But what might they be?

5 Investing Mistakes You Should Avoid in Beginning

investing mistakes

1# Trying to do it all yourself

One of the classic investment mistakes that many new investors make is trying to handle everything themselves. That is something to avoid for a few different reasons.

Firstly, learning everything you need to know in order to invest profitably can cost money and also be time consuming.

Secondly, handling everything to do with trading personally can be something you have trouble fitting into your working life – even if you can, you might miss market moves that happen while you sleep or are not around to take advantage of.

A good tip is to use automated trading software so you never miss an opportunity and can begin investing immediately in a hands-free way with no expert knowledge needed.

If you prefer to make the final decision on whether to invest, some platforms will find the opportunities but then let you know so you can make the decision. Check out the Bitcoin Trader website to find out more about automated investing platforms.

2# Being Too Emotional

Emotions are something to avoid when you are considering buying or selling investments. The problem is when it is your money at stake that is not always easy!

The problem with letting your emotions take over when investing is that they can cause you to make poor trading decisions. Whether you win or lose a previous trade, do not get over excited or too down.

Instead, it is better to remain calm and simply go about your investment journey as you did before. Losing trades in particular can never be avoided however you choose to invest your money but do not let one bad trade derail your whole journey.

3# Not Managing Your Money Properly

Whether you invest via an automated platform or handle it yourself, good money management is vital.

Practicing effective money management will help you protect your capital and have enough to continue trading with in the future. Do not risk too much on any one investment as nothing is ever 100% guaranteed.

It is much better to risk a small percentage of your overall available investment capital on any one trade – this could be something like 2% or 5%. Another classic mistake new investors make is not setting stop/losses on their trades.

This is something you should always do because it enables you to limit your losses or take home the profit you are aiming for automatically, depending on how the markets move.

4# Not Reviewing Your Portfolio Regularly

For new investors, a common mistake is not reviewing their portfolio often enough. While you do not want to become obsessive with this, you should look at it regularly and review what is happening.

This enables you to close out any investments which are not performing or you fear may be about to drop. It can also help you evaluate the sectors where you have money invested and where you could diversify in future to spread your risk.

Reviewing your portfolio on a regular basis is a very wise way to proceed because it could save you a lot of money if there is a major swing in a particular sector.

5# Don’t make the same mistakes as other novices 

When it comes to investing your company’s money, it pays to be smart and not to fall into the same traps as other new investors often do.

The above are some of the classic mistakes many make and you should certainly give them a miss. By using the latest technology to help you and doing what you can personally to invest in a sensible way, you will instead be able to enjoy a long, successful investing journey to help your company grow.

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Author: Eain