30+ Successful Small Business ideas in UK 2023


United Kingdom is a business-friendly country. The business and taxation laws are favorable for locals as well as for foreigner businessmen and investors.

The government of UK has also announced tax free zones / tax heavens in order to promote business and entrepreneurship culture in the country.

If you are planning to start a business and looking for new small business ideas in UK, then this list maybe helpful for you, because they are lots of new business opportunities in UK, which you can pursue with zero to little investments.

Home Business Ideas in UK 2023

small business ideas in UK

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best home business ideas in UK. Numbers of people all around the world are associated with this blogging. Some people do blogging as hobby but if you are serious then you can turn this hobby into a full fledge home based business.

If you want to start a blogging, you will have to select niche of your blog. For instance, you love travel and you want to write blogs on travel, then select this niche and make your travel blog.

Starting a blog is very easy. You just need to buy a good domain name and hosting package for your blog. Namecheap is one of the best place where you can buy domain as well as hosting at affordable rates. The interesting thing about Namecheap is that they’ve great customer support. If you face any issue, they’ll figure it out in seconds.

Once purchased, install WordPress and starting blogging. In case you don’t know how to install WordPress blog, visit Fiverr and hire freelancer to install WP blog for you.

The main sources of earnings are from native advertisements i.e. Google Adsense and Media.net. At the same time, you can also make a living through paid/sponsored blog posts.

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2. Become a vlogger

Just like blogging, if you make videos and publish it along with your blogs then you can become a vlogger. If you love travel, if you’re inspired by fashion or simply love cooking, make easy to understand and attractive videos for your viewers and share it on your blog, YouTube channel and all social media channels.

You can make money from sponsoring / product reviews or recommending products using affiliate marketing. Alternatively, you can start working with travel or fashion related agencies and advertise their products to get paid.

3. Starting a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a great place to start home based business in UK. You can start your YT channel in seconds. What you need is to upload unique, attractive and copyright free videos on your channel. To make your YouTube channel an authoritative brand, do following things to make a lot of money and get rich in short time:

  • Pick a good YouTube Name
  • Buy similar domain name & launch your website
  • Create profiles on social media including FB, Twitter, Instagram and so on.
  • Make an attractive Logo and cover

If you regularly share your unique videos on your YT channel, you’ll get more subscribers and more views. More views may lead to more earnings.

4. Freelancing

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Freelancing is one of the best online business ideas in UK. It is also a good business to start at home. You just need to signup on freelancing websites and showcase your skills. Make regular bidding on projects so that you can start this small scale business at home.


5. Virtual Assistant

Several companies often outsource their tasks to virtual assistants. If you have good skills like social media management, SEO, website management, or email marketing, you can become a virtual assistant without leaving your home comfort.

6. Photography Business

It is another good business. You can start it professionally by making your office at commercial location or alternatively at home, if you have low budget. People often hire photographers or even agencies to cover their events. You just need a good DSLR camera, good location to start a business and effective marketing to expand your business.

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Here are more startup business ideas in UK which you can pursue with little to low investment:

5. Babysitting

6. Data entry

7. Computer Repair

8. Bed & Breakfast

9. Childcare

10. Tutoring Services

11. Online Surveys

12. Yoga Trainer

13. Social Media Consultant

14. Offering Homemade food

15. Debt Collection

16. DJ Services

Online Business Ideas in UK 2023

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17. Start your eCommerce Store/Website

Likewise blogging, making and starting an eCommerce store is also very easy. You just need to buy attractive domain name and hosting and buy a good eCommerce theme from Theme forest. If you know how to install WP theme, then it’s great. Otherwise, you can hire any freelancer to make your eCommerce Website for you.

Similarly, if you don’t have much funds to start your own eCommerce websites, then there are some eCommerce platforms where you can make your own online store to sell products and services.

Whether you make your own eCommerce website, or you make an online store on eCommerce platforms, it is worth mentioning here that you need to choose the niche carefully. Focus on few things which you can sell easily and do best SEO to rank your website/store on the search engines. More ranking and visibility on the search engines, more chances that you’ll get traffic, leads and ultimately more chances of sales.

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18. Web Design and Development Company

This is another great internet business ideas in which you can offer web design & development services to your clients. The good thing is that if you start this business, it is not mandatory for you to provide services within the jurisdiction of UK. You can also get projects from anywhere and render your services worldwide.

To start this business, you’ll need your website, good SEO to rank in google places, create profiles in big freelance websites to get regular projects.

19. SEO Agency

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SEO is an evergreen business and it will grow in future. There are hundreds of thousands of business running their websites and all of them want good ranking in local search engines. If their websites get featured on search engine first pages, then they will definitely enjoy the success.

But due to competition, it is difficult for all business websites to secure place on first place on search engine like Google. So, they obviously need to do good SEO to rank their website.

This is a good business opportunity in UK because most of the small business owners want SEO services so that they can rank their websites. If you are good at search engine optimization, then start a small SEO agency and start rendering your SEO services and get paid.

20. Car Rental & Taxi Services

In United Kingdom, the business of car rental and taxi services is on the horizons. If you’ve your own car and driving license, then start offering your taxi services at all major airport transfers in UK. At the same time, you can also start a private hire car business in UK. In that case, you need to get a license of private hire car to start and run a business in the jurisdiction of UK.

In private hire car business, you just need to make a car rental website where you can accept advancing bookings and then forward these inquiries to taxi drivers. That’s it. You can charge commission for connecting passengers and taxi drivers.

21. Food Business Ideas in UK

food business ideas

Believe it not, if you start food business in United Kingdom, the chances of business success are high. The main reason is that the people of UK love to eat fast food or junk food.

At the same time, there are people living in UK having different nationalities and having diverse cultures. These people have different tastes. In order to fulfill this niche, you can start your own restaurant in your local area.

The menu of your restaurant depends upon the target market. Let’s say, if Chinese, Pakistani or Indians are living in your city then try to make your menu accordingly. Similarly, if other nationals are living there, then you can make your restaurant menu as per their requirements.

The business of food is a big niche. The food business opportunities in UK are not something related to restaurants or takeaways only. There are other similar business ideas in UK which you can pursue such as

22. Late Night Restaurants, Deli or starting a Café

23. Street Food

24. Offering Healthy Food

25. Sweets Shop

26. Own a bar or pub

Local Business Ideas in UK

27. Event Management

This is another profitable business idea. Event management company performs can perform various management and planning tasks such as wedding planning, birthday planning, arranging college and universities events, planning and managing concerts. You’ll need to do following things to start event management business:

28. The Business of Bookkeeping

Small businesses are considered as the backbone of the economy. Similarly, in UK, there are numbers of small businesses are operating and contribution to the economy.

For any business, bookkeeping is must. The business records are very important whether its financial record or non-financial data. It is important for the small business owners to maintain it, save it, and also do bookkeeping regularly.

For small businesses it is difficult to do bookkeeping because they don’t have much time to perform this task. Similarly, funds shortage also hinders them to hire accountant and purchase a good accounting software for bookkeeping.

If you are specialized in accounts and finance, you can start this business. What you need is to register your accountancy firm and start rendering accounting as well as bookkeeping services to your local businesses. On monthly basis, you can charge fees for your services.

29. Consultancy Business

It is one of the best small business ideas in UK. Believe it or not, it is highly lucrative business. There are several reasons that make it profitable such as there is no manufacturing cost is involved in it, you’ll not need to hire bulk labor, you just need few professionals having certain skills and experience to perform consultancy tasks.

In consultancy business, you can offer your consultancy services and get paid for your work. That’s it.

30. Cleaning Company

This is another good business you can start with low investment. In cleaning business, you can offer multiple services such as

31. House clearing services

32. Window cleaning

33. Carpet Cleaning

34. Laundry Services

35. Mobile Car Washing and much more

36. Fashion Shop

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For many people, wearing new clothes, buying beautiful footwears, adopting luxury lifestyle, or purchasing new accessories, watches, necklaces, and perform is fashion. This is industry is also lucrative and the major target market of this niche is females. They love to adopt new fashion.

If you have some investment, then open fashion shops in major cities including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Oxford, Nottingham, Bristol and Cardiff. Once you fashion shops become popular, the chances of sales will be double.

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New Business Ideas in UK

37. Medical Billing

In healthcare business ideas, medical billing is a profitable business. In Medical billing, you’ll have to claim patients’ medical insurance on behalf of the doctors. Once the doctor gets paid, you’ll receive your commission. In United States, the business of Medical billing is on the horizons. Based on the business profitability, this business is also getting popular in the Britain.

To start this business, you’ll need to buy a good medical billing software. After that, contact with doctors and hospitals in your area and offer your services. If they agree and contract with you, then you’ll have to work on behalf of them and claim insurance of patients from insurance companies.

38. The Business of Internet of Things (IOT)

Internet of things is the future of business. There are several companies who invested in this niche, are now reaping the rewards successfully. If you are an expert in information technology, come with an excellent idea which should resolve the problem of our daily lives.

For example, Uber and Just Eat are best examples of on demand services. You can also build any similar website and application where people can find quick solution.

If you don’t have any IT skills, you can hire any IT specialist who can turn your idea into reality. Alternatively, you can invest in new startups who are working on Internet of Things applications. You’ll get shareholder equity in the business. If they become successful, you’ll become successful.

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