10 Benefits of Using eBooks as a Marketing Tool


You might think you look cool while reading a book on your iPad. More than looking cool, you’re being environment-friendly by not wasting papers. In the world of digital marketing, marketers find eBooks to be a powerful resource for giving detailed insights to customers.

EBooks are a great opportunity for your business when it comes to personalized marketing. It allows you to deliver more information and useful specifications about different industries which grasp customer interest.

10 Benefits of Using eBooks as a Marketing Tool

10 Benefits of Using eBooks as a Marketing Tool

Usually marketers are skeptical when it comes to creating eBooks because they’re unaware of how beneficial they could be for your brand marketing. Here are 10 benefits of using eBooks as a marketing tool.

1# Projects Credibility

Articles and blogs have limited content which means it doesn’t allow reader to know about your business in detail.

Creating eBooks is not easy. A lot of effort, expertise and vast amount of knowledge is required to develop an eBook. People like it when brands try hard to persuade their audience. You need to ask questions like, ‘Why would a reader want to read this book?’ ‘Would it be entertaining or informative for the reader?’

By answering such questions, you can create a book which appeals to your target audience, thus, developing credibility which essential for successful marketing.

2# Enhances Reputation

In the world of digital marketing, cyber crimes and frauds are common. Many businesses which claim to be ‘authentic’ and ‘reliable’ are just making a fool out of customers.

Therefore, customers like knowing in-depth details about a business before making any purchase. They have to be sure that your business is well-established and carries a great reputation. There couldn’t be a better option other than eBooks when it comes to providing customers with details and deeper insights.

Customers are overwhelmed to see that you’ve written a whole book addressing their concerns and problems. It would surely enhance your reputation and elevate your status as a brand.

3# Easy to compose

You’re the owner of your brand – there’s no one else who knows more about your business than you do. You just need to put the relevant information altogether.

But remember to make it creative and unique. You can also insert pictures with text to make it look interesting; nobody likes reading plain textual content as it gets too monotonous.

EBooks are a way to represent your business. The focus is to insert pictures related to your business operations, manufacturing processes.

Customers like seeing what’s happening in your business. Once you have all ideas lined up for your eBook, it would just take a couple of weeks to complete, making it a quick form of marketing.

4# Promotes Lead Generation

The main aim of marketing is to generate leads and conversions. EBooks can be a great help in generating leads for your business. If you have created eBooks on several topics, you can then ask for some information in return for accessing the books.

For instance, you can ask for customers’ contact information or email address to download the eBook. It would allow you to slide into their profiles very easily. You can send them emails regarding the new eBooks being published and surely, they won’t mind giving it a check.

The above graph shows how over the years people have shifted towards eBooks which has caused the number of downloads to increase rapidly while sale of hard copies face a decline.

5# Cost Effective

Marketing could be heavy on pockets but not when you’re using eBooks to promote your brand. People who are low on budget or like saving, prefer eBooks.

Statistics suggest that 51% of the people used eBooks for reading because they were free of cost or very affordable than the hard copies.

Therefore, it would be a wise decision to invest in eBooks due to their low production costs. You would be putting in your time, ideas, efforts and resources but not your entire marketing budget into it.

6# Environmental Sustainability

People in the 21st century are a lot more socially responsible. They do believe that their actions are likely to have an impact on the whole environment due to which it is predicted that by 2025, e-readers would increase by 75%. This can be seen in the graph below.

Customers like companies that contribute towards the environment. You can create eBooks on the verge of saving trees and sustaining the environment. You can use kindle eBook creator software which offers the necessary tools and resources to create your eBooks.

7# Availability

You want to serve your customers in the best possible way? EBooks are convenient and accessible when it comes to delivering information. Finding eBooks is extremely simple. It eliminates the need to travel from one shop to another in search of a book.

Customers just need to search online to find an eBook. You can upload the eBook on your website or you can also upload it on other platforms like Amazon.

If you’ll offer your customers a hassle-free experience. It would definitely boost your marketing game in the whole industry.

Due to uncomplicated availability of eBooks, people across the world have started purchasing eBooks online. Hence, developing eBooks can give you a competitive edge in the market.

8# Repurpose Content

EBooks contain a lot of information which is relevant to your business. It could be very useful when it comes to repurposing content.

Since, you have so much information available you can create infographics, videos, and images after a year or so. EBooks make repurposing content way simpler because all information is available at hand.

You can also create blog posts if you’re to repurpose content through the help of an eBook.

9# Interacts with Audience

The popularity of articles and blogs is vast due to the interactive content they provide. EBooks work the same way.

Interacting with audience is not tough, you just need to use the right tools. With eBooks, you’re able to ‘retweet a quote’ ‘share piece of content on social media’.

EBooks also consist of statistics which makes the content more reliable. It boosts the level of customer experience and promotes your business.

10# Offers Detailed Information

At times, customers can also get annoyed by continuous promotional ads all over their newsfeed. EBooks could be a great way out. They provide them with detailed information without giving any promotional vibes to the content.

EBooks are quite detailed – they provide solutions and answers to all potential queries of the customers. People prefer larger screens to access these eBooks because they have a lot of content. As shown below, mostly people prefer accessing eBooks on the tablets.


EBooks are a great way to generate credibility and trust with the target audience. It allows you to offer them some extra details, essential to building healthy customer-relationships.

If you haven’t thought about it yet, you can look into these 10 benefits of using eBooks as marketing tool for your business.

Author Bio: Megan Dennis is a passionate blogger at PNC Digital, an Orlando based digital marketing agency.  She specializes in SEO and SEM techniques. Follow @megandennis07 for more updates.