5 Best Fuel Cards For Small Businesses in 2020


Startup businesses often face financial constraints due to high capital and operational expenditures. To manage finances, business owners strive hard to effectively manage cash flows and often look for smart ways to cut unnecessary expenses and save money.

With so many saving money tips, using fuel cards for transportation is one of the great ways to slash costs. Along with that the best fuel cards for small businesses offer great  low APRs, affordable fees and wide network availability.

Thousands of small business owners in UK are using fuel cards across the country to track, manage and monitor the drivers’ activities. But most importantly, these fuel cards greatly help the startup owners to reduce fuel costs.

As there are many fleet fuel cards and brands claiming great deals and large networks out there, it is quite hard to pick one. To help you to choose the right one, we have carefully selected the top five best fuel cards for small businesses in 2020.

5 Best Fuel Cards For Small Businesses

best fuel cards for small businesses
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1# UK Fuels

UK Fuels is one of the biggest fuel card suppliers in the United Kingdom and considered as best for fleet management. They offer branded fuel cards to registered small businesses in UK.

The company works as an intermediary between consumer and the large oil brands. It works with the best business fuel card companies and offer cards with great discounts to small businesses.

With UK Fuels cards, you can get access to around 6,500 sites across the UK. They have also introduced their app through which you can easily navigate your nearest fuel sites.

If you opt to UK Fuels, then you don’t have to pay any sign up fee. The annual fee depends on the type of the card which you select as per your needs.

2# Esso Fuel Cards

It is best for highly competitive pump pricing. Esso covers around 3,000 fuel stations with an option to choose fixed price or the pump-price method. The Esso’s cards can be used at Shell and BP sites as well.

With Esso’s app, you can find the closest filling stations. The app also facilitates in either card blocking or limit the spending remotely.

Further, it is also a perfect fuel discount card as it covers around 10,000 service stations in 15 countries. So, if you run an international business, then it’d be a good option for you.

Furthermore, it does not have any set up charges and charge very nominal annual fee. Apart from that they also offer 24-hour customer support service.

3# BP Supercharge

The BP’s fuel cards can be used at 8,000 filing stations in UK. It is one of the most convenient fleet fuel card service provider as majority of the users have access to BP forecourt at an average distance of 5 miles.

Likewise other fuel card apps, BP app also shows you the closest filling stations. It has also automated mileage capture tool that helps you to easily log the miles of the vehicles.

It has no sign up fee. The annual fee is charged depending upon the selected fleet fuel card. The good thing is that you can set your minimum spending limit, if you go for BP card.

4# Texaco Fastfuel

Texaco is known for best HGV-friendliness. It only operates in the UK and it is best for fleets. They cover approx. 2,850 filing stations including all Morrison and Tesco forecourts as well as BP sites.

If you decide to choose Texaco Fuel card, then good thing is that you don’t have to bear any setup fee. Further, you don’t need to put down any advance/deposit in the account. Just sign up, fill up and go with Texaco.

5# Shell Multi Network Fuel Card

Shell fuel cards are ideal for fleet of cars and vans. Shell covers 3,800+ Esso, Golf Gleaner, Texaco, Topaz and Shell Sites.

Shell fuel card has several security features including 24-Hour card stop facility, purchase restrictions and personalized card with driver/company’s name embossed on it.

Wrapping Up

There are several other fuel cards available in the market that claim great discounts, offers deals and large networks.

But if you want to choose the right fuel card for your small business that not only save your money but also offers you awesome facilities, then you should do some research, visit sites like iComparo to compare fuel cards to analyze which one is best for.

You should also read some customers’ reviews as it will greatly help you to pick the good fuel card for your startup business.

Best of luck 🙂

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