Top 20 Most Profitable Business Ideas in India


Indian economy is booming. It has attracted the eyes of international organizations. There was a time when Indian economy depended only on agriculture. Those days are gone.

A multi-dimensional economy exists now-a-day. But the efforts of public and private sectors together fail to meet the employment requirements of the nation. It is not possible for every candidate to bag SSC-CGL jobs.

Thus, there remains a massive gap between demand and supply. Is there any way to curb this issue? The answer is “yes.” Start-up companies will offer job opportunities to candidates, freshly out of college.

Importance of Any Start-up

Working in 9 to 5 jobs is not everybody’s cup of tea. Some are born with the business mind, and they will not be happy working behind a desk. There are numerous perks of being associated with a job. But people, who dare to take risks, and earn more, will opt for a fresh idea. From these ideas, new start-up ventures spring up.

Apart from offering jobs, they provide better stability than more prominent private agencies. Sounds like a joke isn’t it? But a quick look at recent surveys will show that during inflation or economic crunch, bigger associations have huge cutbacks, which does not happen in the start-up companies. Yes! The pay is low, but once you cross the transition phase, you will get what you deserve.

Unfortunately, the present Indian economy is unable to support start-ups competently. But that does not mean no one is starting a business venture. Thousands of companies come up on a daily basis, with big dreams of making it in the business world.

If your idea clicks, you will be able to make more than what SSC-CGL job offers. One does not need millions to open a start-up. There are several businesses, which require low investment.

If you have determination, capability to work hard, and come up with innovations, then your idea will shine through. Here are top 20 start-up business ideas in India, which can promise success in the business world.

20 Best Business Ideas in India You Can Start With Little Capital

20 Profitable Business Ideas in India

1. Restaurant Business in India

Indians are fond of food. If you serve them good food, they will pay good price. Opening a restaurant or a catering business can be immensely profitable, if you keep the quality and taste of the cuisines high.

2. Cloth and Accessory Boutiques

People of all ages desire to look their best. For this, they are always on the lookout for clothes, which fit perfectly, and set them apart. Garment and accessory boutiques are the latest rage. Many SSC-CGL employees quit their jobs, once their boutique business took off.

3. Customized Gift Stores

Gone are the days when one had to think for hours before deciding on what to pick for gifting. Now, you can offer a customized item, and be done with it. Thus, opening a customized gift center is also a popular start-up idea that works.

4. Cake and Confectionary stores

Cakes and confectionary stores are a blessing for people with a sweet tooth. Cakes are preferred for any occasion. If you have a customized cake shop, then you can make serious bucks, with very low investment.

5. Corporate Event Management

Event planning for companies and offices is another start-up that will bring name and money immediately. If you wow your initial clients, you will get string of recommendations, and projects. A SSC-CGL employee often has to attend events, and knows its nitty-gritty. So, such a person can flourish better in event planning business.

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6. Wedding Planning

It is hard to plan an elaborate wedding event. But people, who have the talents and tools to do it perfectly, get paid big bucks. If you are good at managing people, then it is a good start-up idea for you.

7. Yoga Center

Healthy living is the key to happiness. Most people are choosing yoga over gyms. If you have adequate space, then opening a yoga instruction center will bring in a handsome profit each month.

8. Study Coaching

Education is very important in all societies. Opening an academic coaching center will bring in more money than you can imagine. If you are a good teacher, the eager students will line up in front of your tutorial home.

9. Computer Training

Opening a computer training center will also fetch a good deal of money. Today, it is a must to have computer literacy to join the professional world.

10. Property Consultation ( Real Estate Business Ideas in India)

Land and real estate is steadily developing in India. There are no extra points for guessing that property development or consulting agencies end up with a fat percentage, when they crack a deal.

11. Event and In-Studio Photography

Photography has always been a part of occasions. If you are good at capturing moments, and have high-end cameras, then you can charge a lucrative sum for covering any event. In-studio photography is rather profitable.

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12. Recruitment Agency

As new companies come up, they will require human resources to fill up the vacancies. Staffing agencies bridge the gap between the employer and job seekers. The recruitment agencies receive a fixed amount for every candidate they place.

13. Automobile Dealer

Cars are no longer a luxury. But not all can purchase one. So, they rely on rented cars. Automobile and rented car dealers make a significant profit at the end each month.

14. Web Hosting and Designing in India

Website designing and hosting are primary steps to gain online representation. If you have training in web designing, then you can create attractive sites for your clients. Initially, your talent will be your only investment.

15. SEO and Content Creation Company

No company can survive without online representation. Only an experienced SEO developer and content writer will be able to provide the required results. If you are good with SEO or have good writing skills, then you can make a huge sum.

16. Packers and Movers agency

People relocate for a host of reasons. Indian people try to take as much as possible from the old home. Here, they need the assistance of packer and mover experts. This sector is booming in recent times, creating more opportunities.

17. Financial Advisory in India

Both professional individuals as well as small agencies require financial assistance. A person, with excellent money management skills, can come to their rescue. Opening a financial advisory office will put money in your accounts surely.

18. Beauty Salon

Thanks to India’s exposure to international beauty industry, both men and women have become conscious about their looks. Opening a unisex beauty salon, in an ideal location will bring in a steady stream of clients.

19. Advertising Agency

New start-ups cannot afford the assistance of reputed advertising agencies. So, opening a small promotional firm will serve as a good start-up idea in itself. Creating the client base will take some time, but it has huge potential of making money.

20. Detective Agency

If you have connections in the cyber-crime department, or have adequate tools and resource to dig out details about a person or agency, then you will make huge bucks in the detective agency.


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