10 Low Cost Small Business Ideas in New York in 2019


Do you want to start a small business in New York? Here are 10 profitable business opportunities and small business ideas in New York you can consider while starting a business in New York.

New York is very famous for its diverse cuisines, cultures, shopping centers and recreational places throughout the globe. However, the thing that makes New York a standout place is the potential of small business startups. It brings a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in the city.

The population of New York in the present year is estimated to be around 8,537,673. There are a number of small business opportunities in New York especially for small scale businesses. There are a number of ways in which the city has become a pivot point for a large number of companies; the founding teams are diverse even to a greater extent. Some of the small business ideas in New York that you can pursue in the year 2019 are as follows:

10 Profitable Small Business Ideas in New York

Small Business Ideas in New York

1. Business of Dog Grooming

In New York, more numbers of people are now talking about the businesses that are related to pets. The trade of dog grooming is finding a great way in the pet industry. The reason is that there is always a great demand of dogs in the US and especially in New York.

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2. Business of Gift Baskets

Lots of people in New York like to greet people and send them gifts on different occasions like birthdays, weddings, Valentine’s Day, etc. This is one of the unique and lucrative business opportunities in New York.

The initial capital is also very affordable. You can advertise your business through social media. You just have to be creative if you want to excel in the gift basket business.

3. Business of Party Rentals

This business is indeed an amazing way for making an extra amount of money along with your career. Later on, you can also consider at as your full time business when the business expands.

In New York, people love to throw parties on various occasions and this business can definitely earn you lots of dollars. You just have to be good at event planning and management.

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4. Bakery Business in 2019

Starting a bakery business in New York is also a great idea. There are lots of well-known cuisines of the city that people from different regions of the world love to have.

For example, New York-style cheesecake, New York-style Italian ice, etc. This type of business has a maximum possibility to get successful.

5. Clothing Store Small Business in New York

This is one of the best small business ideas in New York to start in the present year. Whether you are a local or a foreigner, clothing store business can be quite beneficial for you.

If you are from some other country and you want to start a garments’ business in New York, you can take a start by making a small store. Even if you have to take a start with a stall, it’s not a bad idea.

6. Commercial Business of Green House

The industry of agriculture with which the greenhouse business is related is one of the leading industries in a number of countries throughout the globe.

The industry has a great importance in different cities and states of the US, like New York. So this kind of industry can prove to be a lucrative business in NYC.

7. Business of Senior Healthcare

In New York, there is a great fraction of people who are in their senior age group now. Therefore, the demands of healthcare services for the senior citizens are increasing. It is predicted that there is a lot of potential in such type of business in NYC.

8. Business of Funeral Homes

This is such a type of business that would keep on providing services and those services will never get extinct. Therefore, this business idea must be considered if you are planning to start a business in New York.

9. Business of Environmental Consultancy

In the U.S. and especially in New York, the phrase “Green living” is used and heard very commonly. Greater numbers of people are getting into this field because they now comprehend the harmful and destructive effects of chemicals and other pollutants in the atmosphere. So it is one of the great small business ideas in New York that can prove to be very profitable.

10. Private Security Business

Because of an increase in the crime rates of the city, people of New York are more concerned about the security. So it can be a lucrative business in New York, but you have to be clear about the risks involved in this type of business.

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