5 Reasons You Should Opt for a Canadian Web Hosting Company


When it comes to choosing a web host, you have a wide variety of options for your business website. While you can find hosting services available around the world, there are a few key reasons to consider a Canadian web hosting company. Since location is an increasingly important concern for security as well as other reasons, here are a few reasons why you may want to choose a Canadian company for Web Hosting.

5 Reasons You Should Prefer Canadian Web Hosting Company

5 Reasons You Should Opt for a Canadian Web Hosting Company

1. Improved Privacy and Data Handling

Privacy laws and regulations vary a great deal from country to country. In countries such as the United States of America, there is very little protection for data that’s owned by companies. Instead, much of data privacy relies on self-regulation.

However, in Canada, the private sector’s use of personal data is highly regulated and will protect both personal and business-related information.

As from 1st November 2018 it will be a legal requirement for businesses to report a privacy data breach as soon as possible after they discover it. They will need to submit a report to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and will have to notify the individuals or other businesses involved, in case the breach affects them in any way.

2. Data is Close to Home

If your business is located in Canada, then you may benefit from having a hosting service in Canada as well. Why exactly would this be beneficial? Although data can travel around the world online, the closer your data is to you and your customers, the better your site load will be. Your customers want fast websites and using hosting in your area will actually improve the performance of your sites.

If you want to do a comparison of local hosting companies, you can find Canadian host reviews on a site like MangoMatter. This will often help you narrow down your choices since there are multiple hosting companies in Canada.

3. Improved Tech Support

Once again, much of the support you receive is online but having a local company you can reach out to when you need help can make a huge difference.

You can set up meetings in-person with local companies if the need arises. Make sure that you ask the hosting company about what support they can offer and how responsive they are to any problems you may have.

A local company may be able to offer you improved support, whereas one that’s on the other side of the world may offer limited help because of it all being over the Internet.

You can also benefit from having a company that’s in your same time zone so that you do not have to be up at all hours to discuss any problems that happen.

4. Supporting Local Businesses

If your company is located in Canada, you also have the benefit of knowing that you support a local business.  This is a growing trend, and as more people become interested in supporting local companies, you can make your business even more appealing to your any potential customers by letting them know that you use the services of a local web hosting company.

You’d be surprised to find how many people will support you when they find out you are supporting other local companies.

5. Local Court Jurisdiction

If you run into legal problems with your web hosting service, a web host not located in your country won’t be accountable under Canadian laws. Local courts in the host’s country will have jurisdiction and that could conflict with the laws of Canada.

It’s often difficult to keep track of local laws and although you may never need to take up legal matters with your web host, a local company will be subject to Canadian laws. It will be so much easier with both your business and the web hosting company coming under the same rules and regulations.

The privacy laws in Canada also cover a wider range of personal information than in many other countries such as race, religion, age, marital status, medical history, employment history, financial information, details of driving licences and social security numbers, DNA and even past employers’ opinions.  

A Canadian web hosting company will know more about the laws of their own country and will be able to help you make sure your business complies with them all.


These five reasons are just a few of the many why you’ll want to consider a Canadian-based web hosting company for your business. You would not use an accountant or solicitor from another part of the globe, and the same should apply to your web hosting company.