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This section is especially dedicated to marketers. Here we regularly publish latest marketing tips, advice, trends, and insights of small business. Browse this section to get tips on small business branding, social media marketing, email marketing and much more.

How To Make Website Content Generate Leads

How To Make Website Content Generate Leads

The “Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem” infographic is a visual representation of the entire landscape of online marketing, which helps companies see the possibilities and better understand how the pieces of...
Maximizing ROI Lead Quality VS Lead Quantity

Maximizing ROI: Lead Quality VS Lead Quantity

When it comes to improving bottom line results, achieving the highest Return On Investment (ROI) is key to making any major business decision. One of the most important functions whereby a...
8 Low Cost Ways of Promoting Your Business

8 Low Cost Ways of Promoting Your Business

Every company tends to put major efforts in promoting their business. Market competition is fierce, so building brand awareness and getting your name to stand out of the crowd is important,...

5 Reasons You Need Customer Feedback

It's a simple fact of life: Most of us are pretty opinionated. That said, we have a tendency to keep our thoughts and opinions to ourselves much of the time unless...
The Psychology Pricing How to Price Your Products Right

The Psychology Pricing: How to Price Your Products Right

Have you ever wondered why a bag is tagged $299.99 when it can simply be priced as $300? This is what marketers refer to as odd pricing – one of the...
Best Marketing Apps to Drive Sales

5 Top Marketing Apps to Help Put You on the Map

As the well-known Czech-born novelist, playwright and poet Milan Kundera once said: “Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation.” Innovations and advancements in the field of technology have also...
15 Steps to Write Startup Marketing Plan

15 Steps to Writing a Startup Marketing Plan

To grow your new small business, you need to write a startup marketing plan. Creating a marketing plan can help you in many ways including customer identification and business growth in...
6 Reasons to use digital marketing in small businesses

6 Reasons to Use Digital Marketing in Small Business

With increasing technology and developing markets, every business is changing its way of representation. Brick and mortar businesses are now changing their business model. All businesses are now reshaping their business from...
importance of facebook marketing

Importance of Facebook Marketing in small business

Marketing landscapes have changed with the increasing popularity of social media marketing networks. Now, we can run small businesses on our finger tips. We can share any kind of content around the...
social media marketing

How Social Media Marketing can help small businesses

From last two decades, internet has revolutionized the world. No matter whatever the places people are living in, they can easily connect with their family and friends. Due to internet, World...


4 Important Tips to Grow Your Real Estate Business

According to the reports, the real estate business is crowded, with approximately 2 million active real estate licenses in the United States. When you...