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This section is especially dedicated to marketers. Here we regularly publish latest marketing tips, advice, trends, and insights of small business. Browse this section to get tips on small business branding, social media marketing, email marketing and much more.

Conquer Your First Client Meeting By Doing This 2

Conquer Your First Client Meeting By Doing This

Freelancing isn’t just about delivering great work. To be successful, you need to be able to establish relationships with potential customers. A client meeting is a perfect example of that. Unfortunately, acing the client...
11 Surprisingly Practical Email Marketing Tips to Triple ROI

11 Surprisingly Practical Email Marketing Tips to Triple ROI

Are you getting the optimum ROI of your email marketing campaigns? Email has an average ROI of $38 for each $1 spent. If you are not getting $38 for each $1 you spend...
5 Ways to Attract Investors Using Affiliate Marketing

How To Attract Investors In Your eCommerce Startup? Look For These 5 Affiliate Marketing...

Need help appealing to investors in your online startup? Here are 5 Affiliate Marketing Criteria to help build your business and appeal to investors. Want to join a business that has made...
Tips For A Successful International Digital Marketing Campaign

3 Tips For A Successful International Digital Marketing Campaign

The world has made leaps when it comes to improving internet connectivity. This has increased the reach of companies that would have otherwise not been able to gain access to an...
social media marketing

How Social Media Marketing can help small businesses

From last two decades, internet has revolutionized the world. No matter whatever the places people are living in, they can easily connect with their family and friends. Due to internet, World...
influencer marketing

Influencers: How to Use Influencer Marketing To Help Promote and Sell Your Products

People have always been influenced by celebrities they look up to. Whether it’s Michael Jordan wearing Nike’s, Justin Bieber parading around in Calvin Klein’s, or Charlize Theron spraying Dior on her...
Top 5 Best Browser Extensions for Digital Marketers

The Top 5 Must Have Browser Extensions for Marketers

For digital marketers, you are usually using a web browser throughout the day. You should take advantage of resources available that can make your browsing experience easier and more efficient, including...
How to Deal with Difficult Customers

5 Best Ways to Deal with Difficult Customers

A business relies their success or failure on the customers. It’s no secret that companies depend on customers more than the other way around. Customer loyalty provides profit for businesses to survive....
Small Business Marketing Strategies for Branding and Sales

Realistic Small Business Marketing: 5 Strategies for Branding and Sales

There are countless marketing strategies one can explore as a small business owner. With that said, it's unrealistic to explore all possibilities due to budgets, time, and resources. In fact, spreading...
invest in marketing campaigns

What Percentage of your Profit should You Invest in Marketing?

There is no better feeling for entrepreneurs than to start a business and profits start trickling in. This is because you begin to feel as though you are doing something right...


6 Actionable Tips to Improve Your Customer Retention Percentage

Customer Retention Strategy Vs Customer Acquisition Customer retention strategy is defined as plans or schemes that a company should use to keep their customers staying...
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