6 Killer Marketing and Distribution Strategies for Your App


There are more than 1 million applications available at the app store, yet only a few of these apps manage to grab the users’ attention with unique features. Building just an app is not enough, you have to come up with something that is not being offered by others in the market.

Moreover, people are always attracted to new things, which illustrates the fact that apps should be updated on a regular basis in order to provide the latest features to the users and to fix any bugs that were present in the previous version. Here are 6 tips for promoting and releasing a new app.

6 Best Marketing and Distribution Strategies for App

Six Killer Marketing and Distribution Strategies for Your App

1. Release New Apps and Updates

Releasing new applications or coming up with newer versions of older apps is vital for growth of a particular brand or business because these new releases attract users and grab the attention of investors.

You need to create a base of followers in order to have a direction for the applications that you design, aiming towards a target market. You need to release new features regularly and make the changes that are suggested by your customers because customer satisfaction is an important aspect of your business.

The app market is booming and more and more developers are designing applications in order to get a strong foothold in the market.

However, in order to survive and grow in the market, you need to bring innovative ideas and introduce features and benefits that no other application is providing to users.

In addition to this, offer better incentives and rewards to customers so that they might share your app with others. Also, remember that it’s important to test your application before you release them to the public.

2. Your App Should Be Easy to Find

Anyone that wants to find your application should be able to easily locate your application. In order to make it easy you will have to optimize the title of the app and improve the description of the app.

You need to ensure that you are using the right keywords in the title as well as in the description so that when people search for a tool relevant to yours, your application pops on top of the list.

You have to keep track of the keywords because they are very important. Use these keywords wisely and optimize your application so that it appears in the first 5 apps.

Moreover, reviews of the apps are also something that people read to judge the performance of the app before they start downloading. Reviews are submitted by users who rate it and give their feedback.

If there are more positive reviews of your application, it will definitely have the chance to go viral and people will start using it on a regular basis.

3. Market Your App

Creating the application is not just the only task. After developing the app, you have to promote it to customers so that more people download and use your application.

You can use various methods to market your application. But promotion through social media is probably one of the best techniques. Since, it offers more platforms with larger audiences, and it’s free. But most important, it provides you the interaction with your customers. You desperately need and allows you to get feedback on the application to make improvements where necessary.

Word of mouth is another marketing technique that doesn’t get the credit it deserves. You can offer rewards to users for sharing your application with their friends and family. Rewards and incentives motivate users to act since they will be getting something in return.

Traditional ways of marketing can also be used, like posting your ad in newspapers, magazines, bulletin boards, etc., or releasing your ad on television and radio.

4. Create Hype before Releasing

It is important to create some hype about your application before you release it to the public because people need to be aware of the application that is about to be released.

In order to ensure that more people download and use your app, you need to communicate the benefits of this app to the public. So, that they know that downloading the application will be beneficial for them. The application that you design should deliver the perfect solution to the user’s problem and people should feel satisfied after using it.

You can also create a buzz with a simple invitation, which is common among developers. By sending out a simple invitation, you can try the app for free which gives the user an idea of how the app will work.

5. Do Not Advertise On Newly Developed Apps

It is important to understand that you should never allow advertising on new apps. Because, they won’t have much traffic yet, plus, advertisements are irritating. People don’t like ads popping up on their smartphone screens which means they’ll initially dislike your app.

So, if you immediately allow advertisements on your app, then people who use it might uninstall it from their phone because of the irritation. Therefore, you should not post ads on your app early on, let it grow for a couple of years before you start.

6. Build Call To Action

When you market your app, you need to build a call to action in your campaign in order to entice people to download and use your application. Call to actions should be simple and should be convincing enough to cause users to download.

Once your application is available to the public don’t stop making changes. Since technology is evolving everyday, you need to keep updating your app according to the changing trends and technological advancements. In addition to this, updates help improve your app by fixing the bugs that were present in the previous app.

These are just some of the ways to market and distribute your application. There are specialized companies as well that deal with applications and software. You can call them with your charter phone service to get advice on how to market your app. Also, learn the techniques that are useful in making your app better and more meaningful for users.


Author: Lorain Sims