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This section is especially dedicated to marketers. Here we regularly publish latest marketing tips, advice, trends, and insights of small business. Browse this section to get tips on small business branding, social media marketing, email marketing and much more.

What is Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing? The Ultimate Content Marketing Guide for Beginners

“What is content Marketing?” is one of the most famous questions these days. To answer that question, I’ve created a step by step guide in which I will cover each and every...
Direct Sales Vs Network Marketing

Direct Sales Vs Network Marketing – What is the Difference?

Even when direct selling and network marketing are avenues for growing a retail business, there’s quite a huge difference. Each approach operates at the end of the distribution chain that eventually convinces...
Eco-Friendly Printing A New Marketing Strategy for Business

Eco-Friendly Printing: A New Marketing Strategy for Business

Make no mistake, our world is polluted enough – the pollution has been growing for a while now and has reached an all-time high. This is the event that triggered the...
The Psychology Pricing How to Price Your Products Right

The Psychology Pricing: How to Price Your Products Right

Have you ever wondered why a bag is tagged $299.99 when it can simply be priced as $300? This is what marketers refer to as odd pricing – one of the...
5 Reasons Why You Should Use Automated Lead Generation for Great Sales Management

5 Reasons Why Automated Lead Generation Is The Key To Great Sales Management

So many companies find that lead generation is the most difficult aspect of the sales process. Sales people struggle to find enough qualified leads and end up wasting time on customers...
Small Business Marketing Strategies for Branding and Sales

Realistic Small Business Marketing: 5 Strategies for Branding and Sales

There are countless marketing strategies one can explore as a small business owner. With that said, it's unrealistic to explore all possibilities due to budgets, time, and resources. In fact, spreading...
influencer marketing

Influencers: How to Use Influencer Marketing To Help Promote and Sell Your Products

People have always been influenced by celebrities they look up to. Whether it’s Michael Jordan wearing Nike’s, Justin Bieber parading around in Calvin Klein’s, or Charlize Theron spraying Dior on her...
social media marketing

How Social Media Marketing can help small businesses

From last two decades, internet has revolutionized the world. No matter whatever the places people are living in, they can easily connect with their family and friends. Due to internet, World...
Marketing Strategies to be Followed During a Pandemic

7 Marketing Strategies to be Followed During a Pandemic

As the pandemic has taken a toll on most businesses, has reduced customers and profits, and has affected the employment rate, this time is a crucial period for most businesses and...
5 Amazing Changes In Traditional Advertising Strategy

5 Amazing Changes In Traditional Advertising Strategy

Advertising field is not the same as it used to be a decade ago. Simply advertising your product is not going to help you! You need to focus more on viewer’s...


Insurance Advice for Small Business: What Every Business Owner Needs To...

Life insurance Policies for small business owners are very important. When a person dies unexpectedly, it impacts not just the business but also his/her...