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What is Flipboard and How to Use it?

Flipboard is basically an aggregation of social networking. It is a mobile app that has a format in magazine style and is supposed to be localized in greater than about twenty...
startup mistakes

7 Horrible Tech Startup Mistakes of Entrepreneurs

A lot of people dream to leave their career and job and start working as an entrepreneur. Some people are this much ambitious that they even skip their education at the...
Best PayPal Alternatives

5 Best PayPal Alternatives for Startup Transactions

Due to the emergence of E-Commerce, transactions through PayPal alternatives are also on the horizons. It is true that PayPal is the foremost choice of online transaction for many users but...
technology trends for 2016

10 Technology trends for 2016

Here is a quick tour of some prominent technology trends for small businesses to be used in 2016 that will affect the entrepreneurs in the coming year. An overview of Fincyte list...

Instagram Hits Major Milestone

Striking Twitter by more than 80 million users, Instagram now announce its community of 400 million users, which proved that Instagram is now much famous and exceptional than Twitter. It expands...

Trillions of Facebook posts added to search results

Facebook has indexed almost trillions of post put on their site by its members to make it easier for them to find any old post. This seems to be a very...

Is Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Good For Business?

The super portable Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is a gorgeous, durable device for light productivity on the go. Its long lasting battery make it compatible with lackluster travelers, though it up...

The Dialer App By Microsoft

The company of Microsoft has started to test a new app for android which is similar to Skype is supposed to be used for video calling and stuff like that. The...

The television by the Apple Company

Television's future No doubt that television is a very important part of the lives of all the people in the present era. A number of big screen are supposed to be gathered...

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and its specifications

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is supposed to be like a final and the last piece that completes the puzzle of the flagship of the smart phones of Samsung. It was announced...


Telemedicine Attorney: Who are they and what they do?

Telemedicine is the medicine of the future. Telemedicine allows patients to connect to physicians securely through the Internet. People, especially living in medically underserved...