How to Detect the Domain Host & Why We Need It


Not all people see the difference between a domain, a domain name registrar, a web hosting provider and etc. When we need to launch a website, we all start from purchase of a domain name. This is the name of the site that comes after ‘www’.

We apply to the domain name registrar or to the web hosting for that. We should select the domain zone first that you will see at the end of the domain name. It can be .com, .net, .pro or some other and then choose a vacant domain name.

The owner of a domain name should pay an annual fee for using the name. You get URL that specifies the domain zone and the domain name. But this is not enough to launch the website. Now you need to make a site and apply for the web hosting service. Many companies perform both functions selling the domain names and providing web hosting services at the same time. This can cause the confusion among the beginning users.

DNS Host is a network service that operates the domain name system servers. It makes the record in a domain zone file, which creates the connection between the domain name and the corresponding IP address.  When you change the host, you change the record.

If you need to identify the domain host, go to ICAAN Whois lookup page for free check. Whois is a special protocol applied for querying databases including the registration data. You will see the search field on the page. Put in your domain name to detect the required information.

You can be lucky to also get the name of a hosting provider, its country of origin and the contact information. But if you want to specifically learn a website’s hosting provider information, you can also apply to

How to Find an Ideal Domain Hosting

How to Detect the Domain Host & Why We Need It

Sooner or later the website owners come across the dilemma: what web hosting service is the best? How to find a high-performing and trustworthy host, which will care about your sites the best way possible?

Users can be easily misled by advertising and select the wrong company. Such business relationship can cause huge problems and bring, eventually, to a painful divorce that will cost you much. What should one do to prevent undesirable circumstances?

Learn as much more about the perspective hosting you plan to engage with. This information can be helpful to find a reliable solution for your own domain name. Keep in mind, however, that the aforementioned websites that help identify the domain hosting, do not evaluate the performance of providers. You will need to check all the existing feedback online and you can also rely on the unbiased rating system HRANK for it.

Why the Problem is So Topical?

There are a lot of web hosting services, which assure users of excellent performance. Being biased and trying to increase the customer base, they give promises they are not able to fulfill. All this is just hype but users discover it later after buying a 2-year plan.

Moving is challenging and requires a tech-savvy person to help you with it, so it becomes a real headache for the website owner.

The customer is upset and feels betrayed because the marketers promised more they could deliver. Is it possible to fight such things? It is much easier to prevent them.

A web hosting search tool can also help you discover the hosting company you’d better avoid. It can cost you much if you start your e-commerce store with such host and then discover that the store is often down.

Migration to another location involves additional expenses so it can be an inappropriate step for you on the beginning stage of development, and at the same time, the challenging task when the site has become huge.

It can be a very intimidating process with strategic decisions to make. Export of the database, importing it, moving all files and configuring the site later requires professional assistance.

Which Domain Host is the Best: 4 Things to Pay Attention to

It is necessary to determine, which hosting is really good and what parameters you should pay attention to as you evaluate hosting.

HRANK web hosting rating system monitors different hosting services and shows such parameters as response speed and uptime. You should choose the hosting with regard of such factors.

The price and support factors should also be considered with features mentioned above. In this way, here are four basic things you should consider while choosing the hosting service:

#1 Response speed

Speed plays a big role in contemporary world as many visitors just leave the pages with low loading speed. The faster the response speed, the bigger your traffic is. Speed increases conversions and your income.

#2 Uptime

Uptime parameter is important for prosperity of your online business. When the site is down, you lose your potential and regular customers who go away your business rivals to buy commodities from them. Consequently, you lose your current and future income.

#3 Price

Price can be very luring when you acquire 2 or 3 year plans in comparison with monthly payment. What options are more convenient for you?

#4 Support

Fast and responsive support matters much. Some web hosting services have their own custom support with system administrators. However, others attract outsource specialists who are not able to solve the issues fast.

Why the need to check to who the provider is?

Since as a customer and a website owner you are likely to remember your own web hosting name and contacts. However, you might need to use the web hosting search when you need to contact the hosting company, which hosts the site, violating your rights in this or that way. The person might ask them to remove the offending content to avoid further problems.

If you need to get web hosting info for this or that reason, navigate to one of the web hosting search services mentioned above and detect the hosting service. It is a matter of seconds, as a rule. The lookup tools usually provide the accurate results giving the crucial information to the user.

Author: Natalia