19 Event Ideas To Attract Guests To Your Restaurant


Events are a popular form of restaurant marketing if they can be executed correctly. It can inspire repeat visits from past guests and attract new customers.

If you are in search of event ideas that can attract guests to your restaurant and boost your profit margin, this article is for you.

We are presenting here the most engaging event ideas that can bring success to the restaurant business.

19 Event Ideas To Attract Guests To Your Restaurant

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1. Christmas Event

Christmas events are considered a perfect holiday event that can make your restaurant an ideal place where guests would love to be in this holiday season.

You can arrange a dinner for Christmas Eve with a six-course menu paired with a premium beverage. You can also contact companies searching for a place to host their annual Christmas dinner or lunch.

2. New years’ eve parties

On New Year’s Eve, guests generally search for tickets for the best place where they can go quickly and spend their very first night of the year full of enjoyment. Planning a New Year’s

Eve offering delicious food and plenty of drinks can be a winning idea for your restaurant. Besides, adding champagne at the time of clock strikes midnight can give the party an extra vibe.

3. Valentine’s Day event

Valentin’s day can create an excellent opportunity for restaurants to host a themed party. As this day is considered the international day of love, a love-themed party could be the best option to execute.

Generally, guests consisting of couples get more attracted to this type of event, and singles also want to participate in meeting someone special and getting mingle.

4. Charity Event

Partnering with a charity event can be an intelligent decision when attracting guests is the primary goal.

It also allows for promoting a good cause by collaborating with a representative from the charity organization to speak at the event about their cause. You can also ask them to use social media to invite guests and strengthen your network.

5. Food tasting event

This type of event eventually works when a restaurant wants to experiment with its new menu items. You can offer new dishes to your guest in a food-tasting event.

You can also ask them to share their feedback after tasting the dishes. It can help you both attract guests and improve your new dishes.

6. Family style night

The family-style event has proven a big hit whenever it comes to attracting guests to a restaurant. Families and groups of friends are more attracted to this type of event.

To execute the event, you can offer a set menu in large portions and full of dishes. It can help the guests to share their ordered menu around the table.

7. Murder mystery party

Murder mystery parties are back again in fashion holding the hands of nostalgic millennials. You can offer a themed meal along with murder mysteries in your restaurant and give your guest the opportunity to unlock their inner Sherlock homes. It can also help to get the feeling of the murder mastery era to plenty of acting groups.

8. Four hands dinner

A four-hand dinner is really an exciting event to host where you can collaborate with chefs. In such circumstances, two or more chefs cooking together to give guests an unforgettable dining experience.

Your restaurant can offer here from delicious dishes to expertly paired wins. However, the size of your kitchen can be a limitation here.

9. Chef swaps

Chef swaps can change the tastes of the dishes of your restaurant. Sometimes peoples get bored eating the same type of dishes with the same test. You can invite a new chef to attract new guests and give the old guest a reason to come back.

10. Dinner and a lecture

These types of events can be hosted on weekdays when the restaurant business needs a boost to become faster. To host an event combining dinner and lecture, you can schedule talks, including true crime stories to lifestyle facts. Besides that, you can offer tickets with course sharing menu and drinks such as beer and wine.

11. Big eats

Making the giant version of dishes and throwing a food challenge is quite a popular and exciting event that you can host in your restaurant. Along with it, you can also encourage to try guests for the world record to boost your business profile.

12. Arts and crafts

Art and crafts events are already proven a game changers for museums. Why not try it out for restaurants?

You invite professional artists from your locality and host a night collaborating with them. While guests will remain busy doing paintings or other art, you can serve appetisers and drinks to connect them with your business.

13. Live entertainment

Hosting a live entertainment night can give a great opportunity to the restaurants. There are many options to add to such events as stand-up comedy, live music collaborating with local musicians and so on. You can also give your guests chances with an open mic to show their skills on the stage or whatever they want to do.

14. Game night

For hosting game night events, you can offer weekly trivia nights. If you want to take the event to the next level, you can offer some kinds of tricky games, like a casino night with card games or a board game night.

This type of event night can attract people of all ages who love games, and the craze of the game has no age boundary.

15. Beer tastings

Beer tasting night offers guests to learn about the ingredients and brewing process and make a sample. To host this event, you can partner with a local brewery to share your cost and ask them to promote the event on social media to turn their following into your guest.

16. Happy hour

A happy hour is one of the great event ideas that has worked for almost all types of restaurants. You can hold it at your slowest hour as a trick to cover it up.

You can offer different available food items on other weekdays, like pasta on Mondays, burgers on Tuesdays, pizza on Wednesdays, wine on Thursdays and so on.

Also, you can also give a buy one get one offer and discount on drinks at happy out to show you’re a guest a solid reason to visit you.

17. Celebrity meet and greet

You can list out celebrities who are most popular in your locality and try to reach them by collaborating with your event night. You can offer them to host a meet and greet at your restaurant if they are available to do so.

18. Age-based event

Age-based nights are one of the best event ideas where you can host more than one night targeting different age customers.

You can go for parents’ nights with young fellows where they won’t feel awkward if their baby begins to cry. Other options can be an event for the older generation over the 60s with discounts on special meals.

19. Ladies’ or men’s night

Both ladies’ and men’s nights are favored to get guests at the restaurant with an incredible deal of celebration. You can take these events to the next level by offering a dating night with it. Single guests can get opportunities to know each other and choose their special one.

Summing all up, the event ideas described here can help you to make your restaurant the best one in the town without any doubt. If you need any help with executing any event in your restaurant, EventBookings, the most popular event ticketing platform in the city, is always there for you to provide you with the best management system.

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