5 Growth Strategies to Implement On Social Media


You see the bold headlines in between morning cups of coffee. They talk about influencers who’ve plucked themselves out of their everyday lives and are now making a living, selling products, and creating videos over the internet.

You wonder how they’ve managed to amplify their voices amongst the sea of others all seeking to do the same.

How does one person have three subscribers while the next has a million? While there aren’t always sure-fire solutions to the success lottery of social media, there are strategies in which successful online personalities have utilized to grow their brand and increase their profit.

What Growth Strategies Can You Implement?

Growth Strategies to Implement On Social Media

1. Collaborate and Cross-Promote

Although TikTok may be one of the dominating platforms of the moment, every social media can lose popularity.

Not only that but not every potential follower is on every platform. By having a presence on all famous and even upcoming social media platforms, you’ll diversify your followers and maintain your followers.

Another way to cross-promote is to collaborate, and collaboration is a win-win scenario. Not only will you get more eyeballs on your content by leveraging someone else’s audience, but so will your collaborator. You can grow together.

It Takes Time To Build Up An Audience

However, if you have 100 followers, don’t expect to collaborate with someone who has 10 million.

Although it is good to take a chance and get the attention of someone who has many followers, you may just be wasting your effort, as their time is probably spent with collaborators or sponsors who have money and larger audiences.

Your chances of success are aligned with someone who can grow with you. Primarily reach out to other creators who are within your level of success.

2. Consider Professional Advice

There is a lot of advice out there for growing your social media presence. A consultant for influencers can take their own experience in growth and apply it specifically to your brand.

Perhaps one-on-one coaching tailored to your specific voice and audience could be another strategy to grow your brand quicker.

3. Post More Often And At The Right Time

The quantity with which you post should depend on where you’re posting. It’s essential to do your research on any platform and consider the algorithm. What does the algorithm reward?

YouTube rewards consistency and longer videos, but not necessarily post volume. If you post ten times a day, you’re spreading your views across ten videos per day.

Viewers may not want to view a video as much if they aren’t waiting for it or others aren’t considering it.

Getting Views Fast

Tiktok, for instance, is much less dependent on viewers waiting on your page. Posting ten times a day on Tiktok would grow your brand because you’re trying to get noticed on a feed where your potential audience sees a brand new face every fifteen seconds.

The time you post is also significant. Research the platform you’re utilizing and see when engagement and viewership rises. You could either use statistics or study your analytics. Do you get more views at 1 pm on a Monday or 8 pm on a Saturday?

According to Hootsuite.com, a posting time of 10 AM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays has been proven via research to have increased viewership and engagement.

4. Consider Going Live

Many platforms now offer a way to go live to your followers. Sometimes when you go live, the platform will promote your name, urging people to click on your profile and watch what you have to say at the moment.

That would be critical to engage and convert potential followers and possibly earn more money through tips.

5. Do Trends

While you may want to create something unique and brand new to help diversify your voice and brand, really consider mixing in popular trends. Trends dominate platforms such as TikTok and YouTube.

By trying out and participating in a trend, you make a video that viewers actively search for. Actively is the keyword here.

Viewers may not find you if you are making something incredibly niche, all on its own. Of course, original voices are constantly being searched for, but how are they found?

After completing a trend, utilize popular hashtags to help drive viewers to your videos. Tiktok will even tell you the most popular trends are currently circulating their platform.

By completing the moment’s popular dance or food challenge, you may drive more eyeballs to your original content, potentially having people falling in love with your brand.


You’ve scrolled through hundreds of fifteen-second videos. You’ve come face to face with a variety of upbeat, funny personalities. They all have their voices, their aspirations. You wonder which ones you’ll see on your home page again and which ones will fade away.

Perhaps the ones you’ll see tomorrow are the same ones implementing growth strategies such as the five listed above. By utilizing a strategic plan, a game of luck can be turned into one of determination, where your hard work could be transformed into followers and profit.

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Author: Stephanie Caroline Snyder graduated from The University of Florida in 2018; she majored in Communications with a minor in mass media. Currently, she is an Author and a Freelance Internet Writer, and a Blogger. When asked about the best consultant for influencers Stephanie recommends the Prepared Performer.