Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Australia 2020


It is not easy for you to get the right jobs in Australia these days. You need to get substantial skills to attain the level of highest rank with the highest paying jobs. This shows the prospective to make your position integral in the way of leading your job and life additionally.

The best way to get the best paying jobs is to redefine yourself. Once you have improved your proficiency, then you will find a suitable job for you with a good salary.

There are lots of highest paid jobs in the Australian market, but still we are going to answer your question “what are the highest paying jobs in Australia”. Ok, so lets start

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Australia 2020

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

1. Building and engineering technicians

Building technicians earn a very good amount per hour. Occupations in this field include materials technicians, building and engineering technicians and maintenance technicians. Building technicians normally provide technical assistance to architects, engineers and surveyors.

2. Construction managers

Construction managers are the most important person at a site. They have to know everything and everyone on the place. From reviewing the blueprints with building architects to make sure that building codes are met and project is running fine, they have a challenging but one of the top 10 best jobs in Australia.

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3. Anesthetists

This is another highest paying job that pays a very handsome salary per hour. Yet experience mainly influences on this job. It is proven that within the medical profession itself, anesthetics and surgeons earn two times higher salary than general physicians.

4. Dentists

Dental practitioners play a very important role to implant teeth. They also do partial implants and offer substantial support to their patients.

A lot of people go for scaling and teethe whitening also. In this process of serving people with adequate treatment, dental physicians get one of the highest paying jobs in Australia.

5. Mining Technicians

Despite Australia’s mining industry coming to a sudden halt, the mining and resource sector is still one of the highest paying jobs in Australia without a degree.

Working in the mining industry needs you to be physically strong, capable to bear extreme environments and have a skill for mechanical equipment operation.

6. Banking and financial services

Banking and financial services job is also rank one of the highest paying jobs in Australia. The positions in this field range from customer care, sales and banking positions to financial consultants and advisers.

7. Surgeons

Surgeons perform one of the life healing jobs in medical field. The major role of a surgeon is to redefine your body through operations.

They cure and provide sufficient protection against illnesses so that a person can live longer. In this process of making people live healthy, they get one of the highest paying jobs.

8. Managers

Obviously, management is where the big money is. The higher up you go, the better your company gets, the more tasks you do, and the higher you get paid.

While it may take a long time to take you to these senior positions, the good news is that wonderful management skills are not taught at institute. So, if you have a good experience in this industry, you will surely get a handsome income every month.

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9. Legal professionals

In this profession, magistrates and judges get reputable place in the list of best Paying Jobs in Australia. Judges offer statements related to hearing of criminal charges against crimes. Magistrates work to protect innocent people in the way of life.

10. Psychiatrists

Psychiatrist treats patients to cure from mental illness and disorders. These are the professionals who make people come back to normal and healthy life.

Apart from the above mentioned jobs, there are several other highest paying jobs in Australia that pay very good remuneration to employees. If you are looking for such jobs that pay handsome salary then Best of luck!

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