7 Office Areas You Are Probably Forgetting To Clean


When cleaning an office, some areas are a no-brainer and a cinch to complete. In most cases, facility managers are responsible for cleaning the restrooms, wiping off desks, mopping or vacuuming the floors, and other similar (obvious) tasks.

However, some parts of your office are probably neglected every time you clean. Even though they’re not as obvious, they can likely cause your customers and guests to form a negative image of your company.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, add the following office areas you are probably forgetting to clean to your cleaning list.

Are you forgetting to clean these office areas?

Keeping your office areas clean, neat, and tidy is a great way to ensure your customers or visitors get a great first impression. However, this is not the only reason it’s essential to clean your office thoroughly. For example, you probably know how office decor can affect productivity, but it’s not worth much if you neglect cleaning.

More importantly, a clean office is a healthy office. If the recent Covid-19 pandemic has through us anything, it’s the importance of strong personal hygiene and a clean living/working environment. Therefore, it’s essential not to neglect any office areas as that’s the only way to ensure a healthy working environment.

To help you make sure your office is spotless and germ-free, here are seven office areas you are probably forgetting to clean. Remember – just because they’re out of sight doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean them regularly.

7 Office Areas You Are Probably Forgetting to Clean

#1 Keyboards

Office Areas You Are Probably Forgetting To Clean

Most people know the truth about how unhygienic it can be to type on a keyboard at work (or at home). While the exact numbers vary from study to study, it’s safe to say that a keyboard is home to at least five times as many potentially dangerous bacteria as a toilet seat.

But what makes keyboards so “unhygienic”? Many employees in office environments have their lunch at their desks, while others constantly snack on something while working. Food, drink, and the spray from coughs and sneezes all find their way onto keyboards.

This is why it’s so important to regularly give your office (and home) keyboard a thorough cleaning.

#2 Computer screen and mouse

Computer screen and mouse

The computer’s mouse and display screen are often overlooked despite having prominent places on office desks. The screen is especially susceptible to picking up germs from the office and your uncaught sneezes and coughs, so keeping tissues handy is essential.

Just like your hands will pick up whatever microorganisms are on the surface, so will your mouse. If you don’t have a cleaning contract, you should keep some anti-bacterial wipes, a spray, and a cloth in your desk drawer. Make a habit of regularly wiping down your monitor and mouse from dust and germs.

#3 Air vents

While they can be pretty apparent in residential properties, vents in office settings are typically covered up by furniture. Because of their less obvious locations, people are less likely to notice when they become unsanitary. There is always air being pushed in and out of the vents by the HVAC system.

Due to dust accumulation, airborne particles become trapped on the vent instead of being filtered out. When the air vents are dirty, it may be time to change the filter. Dust settles on the ceiling near the vents when the filter becomes clogged.

Because of this, not only will accumulated dust be an eyesore, but it will also recirculate into the air that people in the office breathe. In a nutshell, there will be an increase in pollutants in the office’s air.

#4 Phones

Aside from being one of the dirtiest items of office equipment, they are also one of the most often used. Considering how frequently and by how many people phones are touched daily, this is not acceptable. Because these gadgets are so close to our faces, they need to be cleaned and disinfected every single day. Keep in mind that phone vents collect dust, too, so you should regularly clean and disinfect them.

#5 Light fixtures

Office Chairs

When cleaning, it’s recommended to work from the top down because of the force of gravity. Even dust eventually falls to the ground. On the other hand, if something isn’t in plain view, it’s easy to forget about it. That’s a widespread case with light fixtures. Chances are it’s one of the office areas you are forgetting to clean.

Some of the office’s light fixtures are in inconvenient locations, but they still need to be cleaned regularly. Dust accumulates rapidly on light fixtures and poses a fire risk. Therefore, make sure to clean all lighting fixtures around the office periodically.

#6 Office chairs

Office Chairs Office Areas You Are Probably Forgetting to Clean

Let’s not sugarcoat this. How often do you clean, or even consider cleaning, your office chair unless something gets dropped or spilled on it? Surely not on a regular basis, right? Furthermore, most office chairs are upholstered in dark fabric and have several cracks where dirt might accumulate undetected. That adage “out of sight, out of mind” rings true once again.

While cleaning office chairs, you’ll most likely only clean the parts you can see and feel. There is a risk that the dust and debris will collect in the lower components of these chairs. Cleaning chairs thoroughly entails giving them a thorough wipe-down from top to bottom, not just the visible areas. And don’t forget about cleaning the office chairs’ smell.

#7 Behind printer and copy machine

Your office copier may generate a fair amount of dust and debris while it operates, particularly if it sees heavy use. These potentially harmful particles will settle on the floor, in the corners, and behind the machine. And to top it off, smudges on the glass will give your copies a sloppy, unprofessional aspect. Therefore, go and check your printer and copy machine now.

Final Thoughts

Remember, a clean office space is a healthy, productive, and optimized office space where everyone will enjoy spending their time. And now that you know what office areas you are probably forgetting to clean, it’s time to get to work and ensure they’re spotless.

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