4 Reasons To Downsize Your Office Space


Many people will think that when you downsize your office space it means that your business isn’t doing well. However, a successful and growing business doesn’t necessarily require a large, spacious office.

In fact, renting a big office space can be very impractical, since it can be quite expensive. Thus, having a small office space can be beneficial to your business. Here are some reasons why trying to downsize your office space might be a good idea.

4 Reasons To Downsize Your Office Space

Reasons To Downsize Your Office Space

1# Downsize Your Office Space & Save Some Money

One of the financial mistakes that startups usually make, is jumping into renting a big office space, thinking that this way they will get more clients. However, the large office space will give you no guarantee that you will have many clients, plus you will have to maintain that office, which can be very costly.

This means that you will have to pay the utilities, internet, office supplies, and equipment and amenities, and many of this you do not need.

Of course, the costs can be even more extensive if you have a big office space. That’s why it is a good idea to downsize your office space and to find the space that meets your needs and no more.

Another way to downsize your office space and save some money is to set up a home office. If you have an office space in your home, you won’t have to pay rent and utilities, and you will only need a computer and a desk to set up an efficient home office. Isn’t this a good reason to downsize your office space?

2# Your Employees Can Be More Productive

If you decide to downsize your office space and to call a reputable moving company to move your stuff to a smaller office, then you can ask your employees to work remotely.

They will most certainly love that! Some studies showed that employees who are asked to work from the comfort of their home and to come to the office occasionally are happier and more productive.

Commuting every day to work can be stressful, and working from home will free your employees from the stress of a daily commute. Stress-free employees will increase their productivity and quality of work, which will bring positive results for your business.

With modern technologies and few clicks on a laptop you can set up an online meeting with your employees and they can send you a full report while sitting in their living rooms.

3# Moving To A Smaller Office Space Requires Decluttering

If you have too much stuff in your office that you don’t actually need, you are basically wasting your rent money.  That’s why decluttering and organizing your office should be your number one priority.

After decluttering your office you will be able to see how much space you really need. Decluttering your space can be one of the cost-cutting hacks. You should do the following:

i. Scan all the documents

You probably have piles of documents that occupy the shelves in your office which you don’t even recognize anymore.

That’s why you should scan all the documents, keep them on the computer and recycle all the paper. Without so much paper around, your shelves will be almost empty and you will realize that you don’t need them.

ii. Throw away old computers and devices

There must be a corner in your office where you collect old gadgets that you haven’t used for years and that have become redundant and only take up space.

You probably think that you need them and that you will use them again someday, but let’s face it, they will only collect dust.

If you don’t want to throw away old computers and devices, you can sell them or donate them. Finally, when downsizing your office space, you must get rid of old appliances, too.

iii. Get rid of bits and pieces

You can easily notice large clutter, but small bits and pieces can also take up so much space without noticing.

Office supplies, such as used pens and highlighters can occupy your drawers, and you need to throw away everything that is used, broken, or damaged. Your drawers will be free again, and you might not need some of them.

4# Meeting The Future

In these modern times, people are always on the go. They are on the Internet with their tablets, mobile phones, and laptops, always staying connected.

Growing a business doesn’t require big office space or any office space for that matter, and that is how the world functions today.

Downsizing your office space nowadays can be a smart decision since you can grow your business online in a smaller office space without paying a lot of money for renting a large office.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, downsizing can be very beneficial for you and your business. With downsizing your office space you will save a significant amount of money, plus you will make your employees happier.

Happy employees will be motivated and productive which will be very profitable for your business. Therefore, be sure that downsizing your office space is one of the best professional decisions you will ever make.

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