8 Reasons Why Neon Signs Would Make A Profitable Business


At one point, it seemed like neon signs were a thing of the past. They were relics from a bygone period that were frequently only depicted in the 1950s or 1960s-era movies and TV series. But surprisingly, neon signs are making a strong comeback. Today, these signs are not only associated with businesses and storefronts, but they’re also increasingly finding their way into people’s homes.

Neon signs are bright, colorful, and cool. And although some people might consider them outdated, they’re actually quite trendy right now. In fact, selling neon signs can be a viable business option if you’re hoping to enter the sign market.

In this guide, learn the top 8 reasons you should jump on the neon sign bandwagon and turn them into a profitable business.

8 Reasons Why Neon Sign Is the Best Business for You

Reasons Why Neon Signs Would Make A Profitable Business

Been tossing around the idea of setting up your own venture? You’re probably looking for something unique, enjoyable, and lucrative. Don’t fret; a neon sign business is all those things. Here are ten reasons why neon signs can set you apart from the competitive climate:

#1: Recession-Proof Business

Over a century has passed since neon signs first appeared, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Therefore, they are advantageous if you use them as a business opportunity.

In good and tough times, entrepreneurs need to increase their marketing effort to stay afloat. As a result, they’re more likely to invest in eye-catching advertising platforms like neon signs to attract attention from a distance and stay relevant.

#2: Few Competitors

Starting a business is always a bit of a gamble. But the chances are on your side if you’re planning a neon sign business. Why?

Few businesses specialize in neon signage, allowing you to corner the market and establish yourself as a leading supplier of high-quality neon signs. Consequently, you can expect great business from individuals and other companies.

Furthermore, the demand for these products is more likely to rise as growing numbers of people become aware of the distinctive beauty and allure of neon signs.

#3: Low Start-Up Costs

Scaling a business requires managing business finances effectively. After all, it can be too easy to let expenses spiral out of control if you’re not careful. For this reason, it’s necessary to have solid plans to keep your income and expenditure in check.

Neon signs are an excellent product you can sell. These signs are relatively affordable to produce, so putting a lot of money upfront is at a cheap cost. And because they tend to be well-liked by customers, you can generate a steady profit without going into debt.

#4: No Risk of Overproduction

Others might hesitate to try neon signs as a business, worrying about overproduction. But unlike popular belief, overproduction is nonexistent when it comes to neon signs.

Neon LED signages are made to order, so there’s no risk to your inventory. You only produce as many signages as you have orders for. Also, no need to think about the neon signs not selling because you made too many of them. You can tailor your production to fit your demand perfectly without any wasted effort or materials.

#5: Customizable Options

People often settle for mass-produced signs because they think making a custom sign will be too expensive. But it’s different with the neon LED business. 

With these vibrant signs, you can create something special for them that is both affordable and impactful. Neon signs are crafted by hand, so each one is unique. You can also alter the design, add more colors, or make custom signs for each customer. 

From there, it enables you to design a sign that properly captures the essence of your business and makes customers keep coming back for more.

#6: “Green” Reputation

Despite their image of being flashy and gaudy, neon signs are a relatively eco-friendly form of lighting. They are far more efficient than conventional light bulbs because they consume very little electricity and generate very little heat. Additionally, they have a long lifespan, which lowers the quantity of waste produced.

As more and more consumers become concerned about their environmental impact, businesses embracing green technology will be well-positioned for success.

#7: Space Changer

Neon signs may be best known for their quirky appeal, but they can instantly incorporate character and cohesiveness into any space when used judiciously. They can also tie together disparate elements and bring charm to an otherwise mundane room.

For example, customers can use it as a wedding neon sign, a congratulatory message, or a bar neon sign. Alternatively, they can also be placed as a focal point in a bedroom or home office for a more dramatic effect.

#8: Vintage Charm  

In a world filled with bright LED screens, many people crave something a little more analog and retro. 

Neon signs exude a sense of nostalgia and fun, making them ideal for everything from game rooms to bars and nightclubs. They also emit a warm, inviting glow that is hard to replicate with LED lights. Such factors can contribute to the impression you make on potential customers.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article swayed you in favor of taking the plunge if you’re looking for a new business venture. Neon signs are a great way to attract attention and get noticed, both of which are essential for any business. 

Of course, obstacles exist, but we think the potential outcomes surpass the troubles. So, build a successful business that brightens up your community today!

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Author’s Bio: Jessica leads the design initiatives at Neonize. As a graphic designer turned interior decorator, she is obsessed with capturing people’s personalities that they can mount in their homes, office, or business space. She is an expert in bringing your passions to life through neon signs.