Shoppable Instagram & UGC Campaigns: An eCommerce Success Strategy


All the major e-commerce brands and businesses are continuously looking to explore new marketing strategies and techniques that would significantly enhance their conversion rate and sales to another level.

The inception of social media platforms, especially a visually dominated platform like Instagram, surely changed the marketing game of e-commerce businesses since they began to leverage the platform for their marketing promotions.

However, Instagram has evolved into a major User-Generated Content platform since users highly use the platform to post content by posting reviews or tagging the brand into their posts.

Shoppable Instagram & UGC Campaigns – The Powerful Duo

E-Commerce brands and businesses experience a lot of cut-throat competition in the market. To tackle and surpass their competitors, brands need to incorporate powerful, result-driven, and impactful content to convince potential customers to make a purchase.

The emergence of the Shoppable Instagram feature in 2018 opened new doors for the e-Commerce marketing sector. It allowed brands to directly purchase on the platform without leaving the platform.

Instagram users started posting content on their Instagram handles featuring themselves in the posts by tagging the brand, and that content turned out to be User-Generated Content – the most trustworthy, genuine, and authentic form of content since it is not scripted or sponsored by the brand itself.

Using User-Generated Content, brands converted such posts into Shoppable Instagram feed and tremendously witnessed amazing growth in their business and conversions.

As an e-commerce brand, if you enjoy a presence on Instagram, you certainly must incorporate this powerful marketing strategy into your business; you shall be amazed to notice the results.

If you are still not convinced yet, keep reading as we have mentioned a few key benefits of using Shoppable UGC into your business and mentioned a success story of a famous brand.

3 Key Benefits Of Leveraging Shoppable Instagram & UGC Campaigns

Shoppable Instagram & UGC Campaigns An eCommerce Success Strategy

1# More Easier Shopping Related Decisions

While shopping online, shoppers often get puzzled while making up their minds about which product to shop for.

A regular post is usually well-edited, professionally clicked with a fancy setup, and features models that often compels the customers to purchase the product, and there is a high chance that they may feel disappointed when they receive the product.

On the other hand, a Shoppable UGC post features real-time customers and gives shoppers a clear picture of the product’s quality, color, and style since it is raw and unedited.

Overall, it makes it comparatively easier for the customer to decide while selecting the product.

2# Compel The Shoppers To Buy More

Online shopping, especially Shoppable Instagram & UGC, mostly influences the users to purchase products that they sometimes do not even require but purchase since they highly use Instagram for inspiration.

Displaying Shoppable User-Generated Content can easily tap into impulsive shopping and convince customers to buy more products since they would be fascinated to see real-time content from your existing customers and put in their faith and confidence in your brand and ultimately make more purchases.

3# Instill Trust & Confidence In Your Customers

By incorporating Shoppable User-Generated Content into your business, you can easily take your customers in confidence by gaining their trust.

It is quite challenging to make your customers trust your brand, especially when they are already satisfied with an existing brand and its products.

Since the existing customers of your brand create Shoppable User-Generated Content, it works brilliantly to make the potential customers put their faith into your brand, which leads to an increase in the conversion and sales of your business.

Levi’s – Leading The Denim Industry Using Shoppable UGC

Having a presence for 168 years, Levi’s is an extremely successful and famous brand that gained popularity mainly because of its denim jeans.

Levi’s has always been on top of the charts because it has always been well-acquainted with and adopted all the current marketing trends and strategies.

By replacing professionally clicked pictures, Levi’s incorporated Shoppable UGC on their website’s homepage by displaying the content created by users on Instagram using the trending #LiveInLevis campaign, mainly about how people worldwide are using the brand’s jeans.

Displaying Shoppable UGC on the website worked tremendously in favor of the brand and drastically increased their brand conversions and sales.

Final Conclusion

The marketing strategies have changed over the years, and most importantly, there has been a major change in the way shoppers shop.

Your potential customers are much more smart shoppers than they were earlier, and converting them into your existing customers can be quite challenging in today’s digital world.

Hence, incorporating Shoppable User-Generated Content in every customer touchpoint can help your brand convert your website, visitors, into existing customers, and your existing customers into your loyal brand ambassadors!

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