Small Business Guide – Different Types of Accounting Services that You May Need


Accountants these days happen to hold a unique position in everyone’s life. Just like a doctor happens to be the lifesaver for the patients, similarly, an accountant is a savior of businesses.

From a middle-class new startup to a whole multinational merchandise business, every business owner needs an accountant to assist them in the financial chores of a company.

However, as for every disease, there is a specific doctor; similarly, there happens to be a particular accountant for every financial need.

In order to get yourself an accounting service, one needs to analyze his business environment, management system, and the experience needed.

While a sea of accounting services is easily available, choosing the right one for your business can be a daunting task.

This is why, to make things much simpler for you, our experts have narrowed down some of the best accounting services below. Each of these services comes in handy with its own perks and worth.

It’s advised to stay connected with the guide till the end, as you really don’t want to miss the exclusive information we have in store for you!

7 Types of Accounting Services that You May Need

types of Accounting Services that You May Need

1. Tax Accounting

As you can grasp by its name, tax accounting specializes in dealing with income tax for an individual or fulfilling other general tax requirements imposed on businesses out there.

Lowkey wants to mark yourself safe from paying unnecessary taxes and claims? Then getting a tax accountant for yourself might prove to be a cost-effective decision for you.

2. Chartered Accounting

With the advancement in the world, the demand for chartered accounting doesn’t seem to take a break here. For people who don’t know who chartered accountants are, then we surely have got you covered.

A chartered accountant is part of the professional accounting body. These are the people who are often highly skilled in various skills.

Whether you want professional services for a simple management task or for handling complex auditing, they surely don’t let you down.

Not only this, you can find numerous chartered accountants specializing in any particular accounting field, which makes their position even higher in accounting books.

3. Bookkeeping

If we say that bookkeeping is one of the most well-known accounting services out there, we hope that there won’t be anyone disagreeing with us here.

Bookkeeping happens to be a service usually acquired by businesses trying to figure out ways to settle well in the market. However, this doesn’t mean that this practice won’t be fruitful for large-scale companies.

Wondering what bookkeeping service actually is?

In simpler words, bookkeeping is a service that records every single task you perform in your business. From monitoring expenses to keeping track of business files, this service proves to be highly fruitful for many business owners.

Modern bookkeepers, especially an accountant in Ottawa, follow a common practice of using accounting softwares to monitor and keep track of all the financial information of your business.

With that being said, on the odds that your budget for acquiring a financial service is much lower, bookkeeping might be the service that will satisfy your desired business needs – that too by going easy on your pocket.

4. Management Accounting

According to the personnel opinion of our experts, management accounting happens to be so far the favorite type of service for every business owner out there.

Let us explain to you what this service does for you!

Management Accountants happen to have access to your company’s financial data. Hence, they can see each business operation you have made or are about to make in the future.

By giving access to your personnel data, the mind behind this service can handle all of your current possessed assets properly.

No matter how many properties, land, or stocks you own, you no longer have to worry about anything going wrong in your business just by signing up for this service.

Still not satisfied? Well, then you need to read ahead.

Management accountants are also skilled in budgeting the company’s allowance. This simply means that if your businesses are planning to release a new line of product or service, then a management accountant can prove to be of great viable help to you.

5. Accounting Audit

Ever got a chance to visit a multinational or an offshore company? If the answer to this is yes, then we are sure that you must have come across the company’s audit department.

The company’s audit department comprises professional and highly qualified auditors, whose sole responsibility is to check the financial reports and statements to make sure that the pieces are accurate and error-free.

Whether you run a new small business or well-settled large-scale merchandise, you need to check on the inflow and outflow of money.

It proves to be good to track down some records and look at the old receipts again, as this would provide you with in-depth information about what state your business is in.

Having said that, an auditor can prove to be of great help to you here.

6. Forensic Accounting

Most business owners often fail to acknowledge that, just like everything, various things can go wrong while auditing the business books or checking the company’s financial status.

Getting your business associated with problems like tax evasion or fraud would surely be the last thing you would ever want.

Hence, to find out any kind of tax discrepancies and frauds in the business’s financial records, you need to take the help of Forensic accounting services.

The people associated with this service happen to be super sharp-minded and experienced that no matter how precisely the detail is, they would surely be able to find out the loophole in it – that too within no time.

Having said that, if you want your business to be running happily ever after, getting yourself a forensic accounting service would surely be one of your profound decisions.

7. Financial Controller Services

Running a business was never a child’s play, nor will it ever be. There are dozens of things that one needs to look after that are simply impossible for a single person.

To make things much easier for you and to witness all the business operations being pulled off smoothly, one needs to have a financial controller expert by their side.

A financial controller happens to be an expert in dealing with new clients, assigning work to the employees, and overseeing the staff present on the premises.

In much simpler words, financial controllers happen to be the head of the accounting departments. No matter where you are stuck at, as far as it’s related to accounting, a financial controller has simply got you covered.

Final word

While wrapping it all up, the complex nature of the financial industry we have today has caused many accountants to specialize and focus on one specific area.

This is why business owners have become more critical to make themselves aware of the different accounting branches in the modern world.

Hence, we believe that the information mentioned above would have made it easier for you to narrow down the accounting service you and your business needs.

With that being said, what are you waiting for? Choose your best accounting service now!

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Author: Ashley Rosa