Ultimate Guide for Your Business Travel: 3 Must-Have Items to Pack


Going on a business trip? How exciting! There are important rules that you need to keep in mind when you’re packing, though, especially if you’re traveling by air.

Don’t worry, we’re going to share them all with you in this article today, including our must-have items you need to pack.

3 Must-Have Items To Pack in Your Business Travel

3 Must-Have Items To Pack in Your Business Travel

1# RFID Wallets

The first item that we deem absolutely essential when going traveling is an RFID wallet. RFID or radio frequency identification is a technology used in communicating information, such as one’s personal and financial info on credit cards and passports, through the use of electromagnetic fields.

It makes it easier for companies and agencies to get our info fast and discreet. The problem is, the same technology can be used against us if the ability to scan our info falls into the wrong hands. Hence, getting preferred type of men’s wallet and passport holders that can efficiently prevent RFID skimming is of utmost importance. 

What we love more about RFID wallets is the fact that not only are they tech-savvy, but they come in various styles and designs too. For your reference, here’s a quick rundown of the different types of RFID wallets:

  • Money Clip: RFID wallets are usually categorized according to their folds. For a more minimalist option with no folds, then we recommend getting a sleek and stylish money clip. It can only accommodate a few cards, though.
  • Bifold: These are wallets that can be folded in two. They are still minimalist and easy to tuck into your pockets, front or back. 
  • Trifold: Finally, these wallets are great for those who require a lot of card slots, as this type can be folded into three. 

Most of these wallets are created using classic leather but feel free to explore other styles and materials to add more interest to your business everyday carry (or EDC).

2# Quality Briefcases

Do you know what else you need to complete your business EDC? A quality briefcase. It’s the iconic bag style to use for carrying your travel essentials, documents, digital gadgets, and more. Its many compartments are also great in adding order and organization to your things.

We recommend getting a unisex piece so you can invest in the highest quality briefcase that your budget allows and share it with your partner instead of getting two subpar pieces. 

i. Wheeled Briefcase

For those who have a lot of things to pack or those who usually go on extended business trips abroad, then you should definitely consider getting a wheeled briefcase instead.

It still has that iconic and elegant look, but the wheels and the retractable telescopic handle has made it more convenient to wheel around anywhere.

ii. Laptop Briefcase

If you are bringing a laptop with you, which is very likely, you need a laptop briefcase. This type of bag is made specifically to protect your laptop.

iii. Leather Briefcase

If you want to go out in style and you don’t plan to bring a lot of things with you, a leather briefcase is a good option. It is very sturdy and it provides the same amount of protection that a traditional briefcase can offer.

iv. Luggage Lock

Before you proceed with your travel, make sure that you always have a luggage lock. This will serve as a form of protection for the things inside your luggage.

Even if you only have clothes and other essentials on your check-in baggage, you still need to use a lock to make sure that everything inside would be protected.

A TSA-approved padlock would be a good help to deter theft. You should guarantee that your bags and suitcases have lockable zippers as well. 

3# Comfortable Shoes

Another travel essential is a pair of comfortable shoes. We understand that keeping that edgy girl boss look should be more apparent during business trips, but wearing those nine-inch heels while hopping from conference to conference is simply not practical.

We suggest you pack a pair of flats or one with just a comfortable heel height instead. There are a lot of classic leather flats from designer brands that can be worn with dresses, suits, and even your casual jeans and shorts!

3 Rules for Air Travel

3 Must-Have Items To Pack in Your Business Travel

Anyway, now that we have covered our absolute travel essentials, we can now move on to talk about the rules for air travel that any businessman and woman should be aware of. Here they are:

1# The 3-1-1 Rule

The first rule that we want to share with you is the 3-1-1 rule in packing liquids and gels.

This rule means that each liquid item should fit into a 3 oz. container, these containers must fit a 1-quart plastic pouch, and this rule is for each (1) person. 

2# Banned Items

You should be aware of the banned items as well. These include (but are not limited to) weapons, sports and martial arts equipment that can be used as a weapon, tools, flammables, chemicals, and more. 

3# Limit Your Carry-On

You should limit your carry-on to a single item. This will save you from any unnecessary hassle and expenses later on. 

Finally, don’t forget that each airport has its own set of rules, so make sure to research about the rules of your destination just to be safe. 


Your business trip shouldn’t be a hassle. We know that your schedule is probably going to be hectic, but by keeping the tips we have shared with you in mind, we’re sure that you will be able to reduce your stress to a work-related minimum. Safe travels!

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