3 Web Design Factors to Get a Head-Start Over Your Online Competitors


Businesses around the world look for a quick solution and can send the web design of their online portals. It is one of the primary factors that can make their business hit or miss so that they would put a lot of time and effort into this concern.

But not all of the businesses try to think about what is the basic purpose for which they are trying to come up with the web portal. Is it just that all of their competitors also have one, or do they try to get a website that is designed exquisitely to attract the visitors?

Let me offer you some insight on this topic so that you can know more information about this that can help you launch your own portal with success.

Purpose of Your Website

Perhaps you should start from what’s the main goal of your website? Are you setting it up to make it a point of contact for your customers worldwide? In the current scenario, in keeping the future trends in mind, this is a very good idea.

We all know that the world economy is in tatters thanks to the Coronavirus, which has given every corner of the world. So, coming up with a website that everyone can access is a good bad so that your business can work well in the future.

Another respect is about selling services or products online, just like Amazon, which offers a platform for all kinds of businesses to get customers and bring them on one platform.

If you know the answer to these questions, then you will be able to get a design for your website that will cater to your target market perfectly. Otherwise, you will be lost in trying design after design and helplessly looking for a solution that can get you to your goal.

Look at the following three aspects that I would like you to know more about. These are directly related to web design, and for small businesses in startups, this can be a true game-changer for them.

3 Web Design Factors Get a Head-Start Over Your Online Competitors

3 Web Design Factors to Get a Head-Start Over Your Online Competitors

1# High-Quality Design and Layout

Just like I asked you about the purpose of your website, high-quality design is also related to how you would like to attract your target audience. For the majority of the websites, the design can make or break their chances to be successful.

So, what do I mean by high-quality design? It is all about offering a design to your visitors, which is based on quality research and competitor analysis of their websites.

I am sure you must have seen thousands of websites on the internet. But you like only a handful of them. Surely most of the websites are developed and designed after putting in hard work, but only one or two websites out of 10 get our attention.

An overwhelming number of websites I designed by just copying other famous and popular websites are a rehash of them. Surely, if you want to attract your target market, you don’t want to come up with the run-of-the-mill design or layout.

A premium design is what you should look for, and for this, you may need some help from an inexperienced consultancy firm. For companies based in the Middle East, you must look for a web designing company nearby that boosts all the expertise you need for such a design.

Great user experience is what any business portal must offer to its visitors so as to get their attention and give them every chance to succeed.

2# Responsive Web Design

You may think that responsive design has been described as done to death so that there is no need to further explain the suspect.

But you won’t believe that there are still some websites and business portals out there who don’t value responsive design and their online portals, don’t offer much to the mobile user.

These companies are of the view that a businessman or a genuine buyer will use a desktop PC or laptop in his office and use this instead of a small mobile device that is primarily used by teenagers and young adults.

This is a very wrong approach and a clear indication that such businesses are completely ignorant of the fact that the majority of the people buying anything online use handheld devices.

This includes smartphones, tablets, and PDAs, to name a few. If your business portal is not customized to be used by all the latest tech gadgets and even older devices, you will lose a big chunk of your business, and in the future, you may not get any business at all.

Mobile traffic is increasing rapidly, and it’s high time for businesses to use responsive web design, mainly catering to mobile devices.

3# Your Competitive Advantage

A competitive advantage is all about a factor or plus point that gives you the power to leap ahead of your competitors. It gives you the reach that can make your product get a head start in the marketplace despite all the big and established players.

Nowadays, any company vying for a significant market share must look for a competitive advantage and make every effort in this concern.

A quality web design is also one of the critical aspects of getting a competitive advantage. There are many factors for which you need to go deep and create a design that is right on the money.

As mentioned before, you can take the assistance from a consultancy firm or an experienced person who knows how to give your website the catalyst it needs to score over all your competitors.

Make sure your website has all the ingredients that can make it worth a second visit and mind you this is no easy feat. Your competitive advantage in this concern will help you a lot in achieving this target.

Final Word

If you think you are finding it hard to understand any of the aspects mentioned in this blog and can offer something valuable in this concern, you are more than welcome.

Also, if you want to ask any questions or provide any type of feedback too, please use the comments section below.

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Author Bio: Osama Khan from Branex, a web designing company in Bahrain.