Here’s Why Investing in Gold is Good


Are you thinking about your strategy in saving? Do you wonder how you could improve your life after retirement? Then you aren’t alone.

Most people, especially those hit by the fall of an era in greatness which is a time where individuals have the ability to create their own profits, have been interested in gold ever since.

Aging gives us lesser ability to do work — in addition to that, investing has maintained its valued items through the years. Investment is a way of passing on while preserving their wealth from one generation to the next.

Fact is that, if you invest in a Traditional or Roth IRA or a company-sponsored plan such as a 401(k), you may not be aware of some weaknesses that are common among all of these paper backed investments. This is a big help to you!

Why Investing in Gold is a Must

investing in Gold is good

So, thinking about Gold? Gold is respected worldwide because of its value as well as a rich history, which has been associated with different cultures for centuries.

Throughout the years, individuals continue to hold onto it depending on different explanations. Below are 8 reasons why you should own Gold in today’s generation.

The increased emerging market economies boosted demand for Gold. In many of these wealthy countries, Gold is intertwined with culture. Whereas gold bars are an ancient saving method, Gold demand continues to be steadfast.

Gold demand has increased among investors. Many are on the verge of viewing items, especially Gold, as an investment tool where which deserves allocation of funds.

SPDR Gold Trust is actually one of the largest ETFs in the United States.  Four years after its inception it became world’s massive gold bullion holder in 2008.

Paper-backed investments are based on monetary value. Money value can be measured by buying power and exchange rate. Buying power is the number of goods or services that are exchanged for your money.

The exchange rate, for instance, is the value of your currencies versus other currencies. Since the US went off Gold Standards, dollar currency has become weaker and weaker in terms of buying power. This affects your daily life because if the dollar value decreases, gas prices skyrockets, prices of foodstuffs shoot up, and your dollar does not go as far as it did before.

History has shown that as inflation rises so does gold, meaning that Gold you own may still be exchanged for the same amount of goods as well as services year in, year out.

US government continues to print more cash, money in your wallet buys less every year; Gold supply is defined so it will always hold value.

In the past fifty years, investors have witnessed prices of gold increase while the stock market’s plunge during increased inflation periods.

In addition, its use as an investing channel, Gold has various practical uses that continue being in demand. The ornament industry makes up more than 50% of the global Gold demand, with global populations at an all-time high, demand will keep rising.

Gold continue retaining its value whether in times of financial uncertainty or geopolitical uncertainty times. Due to this uncertainty, individuals flee to its relative safety when world tensions are on the rise; during such times, it often outperforms other investment items.

An example, gold price underwent through a few massive price movements this year responding to the European Union crisis. Much of Gold supply in markets since the 1990s has originated from gold bullion sales from the global central bank’s vaults. This selling slowed significantly in 2008 by central banks.

Gold should be an essential part of investment platforms that are diversified because its price goes up with a response to events that lead to the value of paper investments, such as stocks as well bonds, to decrease.

Although the price of Gold may be volatile in short term periods, it has significantly maintained its value in the long run. Throughout the years, gold has served as a hedge against inflation and the eroding of major monies, and this is an investment whose consideration is worth.

Gold: An Asset, a Collectible, or Commodity?

Many individuals ask if it’s indeed any of the above. Let’s define them first:

1) An asset

It’s sort of investment which may bring you more cash or may enhance your cash flow in the following years.

2) Commodity

The value comes from its use when it’s a raw material to address a basic need.

3) Collectible

It’s not a thing that’s generating income. But there’s something about its aesthetics as well as your emotional attachment to it.

So, it’s none of the mentioned above. It doesn’t generate income, it’s not a raw material that addresses fundamental needs and is definitely not a collectible. It is some sort of special currency. Therefore, it is a currency and not all of those mentioned above. As a matter of fact, many people are into a gold backed IRA.

A gold backed IRA is an individual retirement account that’s at expense of gold held for the retirement benefit of a person. It’s actually just the same with a typical retirement account. This one is holding gold coins or bars instead of some assets in paper form

Isn’t it an enticing thing to own?

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Author: Cathy Carter