Why Your Employees Need Time Tracking App?


Time tracking apps are designed to make it easier for businesses to monitor how long their employees work in a day accurately. Companies without a proper time tracking system can lose thousands of dollars.

If you are still using the traditional way of recording time using excel, your employees might be billing you for works they did not do. Giving your trust to your workers is not bad at all.

However, you cannot just dismiss the fact that they may add more to their working time to get higher pay. Sometimes, your employee’s work is interrupted by other activities like phone calls, breaks, discussions with colleagues, and others.

The emergence of different time tracking apps is very timely, especially during pandemics, where most of the works are done remotely.

Below are some of the reasons why your employees need a reliable time tracking app.

8 Reasons Why Employees Need Time Tracking Apps

Why Your Employees Need Time Tracking App

1# For Accurate Billing & Payroll

If you relied solely on your employees to fill out their timesheets, now you can let the time tracking apps do the recording. Thus, it reduces human error significantly. The apps can help you in generating accurate time reporting of your employee’s work hours.

Also, using the time tracking system will prevent dishonest employees from adding hours to get high pay. It will save your company from losing a lot of money in the long run.

By having a reliable employee time tracking app, user activity reports, and timesheets auditing becomes quite easier. Also, there is less stress for employees when it comes to handling their timesheets.

2# Helps Set Up Deadlines

Setting up deadlines and dividing work among your employees is relatively easy with a reliable time-tracking app.

A dependable tracking app has user metrics, such as session duration and idle time. You can easily map out tasks effectively with the help of the data collected.

Some of the things you will find out using the app besides the work duration are when your employee usually slows down. Noticing it earlier can help you address the situation and provide a solution that will not affect the team’s productivity.

3# Improved Productivity

The time-tracking app will help employers and employees identify what time of the day is the most productive. Through this, you can assign the task effectively. If the employees know that their employer is monitoring them, they will be more likely to work diligently.

Thus, increasing the company’s productivity. By checking the user report and analyzing your employee’s behavior, you can see how long your staff work on a specific task.

4# Helps Increase Revenue

The main objective of integrating a time-tracking app is to organize everything. This will increase accountability and transparency in your company.

So, the faster your team to complete the job, the more money you save and improve your productivity. As a result, you can increase your revenue.

5# Keep The Records Secured & Payroll on Time

The one who handles the payroll will take several hours to complete the report, mainly if it still uses the traditional spreadsheet. It is also prone to wrong entry and errors, which can affect the employee’s salary—a lot of things can go wrong that can delay the completion of the work. The security of your employee’s data is also at stake.

Time tracking apps provide your team with the fastest and easiest way to track their time. No need for you to do the stressful calculations since the software was designed to do this.

A system integrated with payroll will sync the time worked of each employee automatically. With this, you will be able to pay your team on time.

6# Resolves Potential Issues & Conflict

No matter how careful you are while working on a project, problems still exist. These issues can cause delays in delivery. If everyone can disclose their time tracking report, the group can identify the member with the issues. The other members of the team can work together to resolve the issue.

There are also conflicts in setting the time frame to complete a project. Each member has their own opinions on this, so it is best to track the time and note how long it normally takes to complete each part. By doing this, the team members can set an accurate deadline for the project.

7# Helps in Prioritizing Tasks

Sometimes one employee will work on several tasks to complete the project on time. This is not recommended as it may affect the quality of the work. With a time tracking app, prioritizing tasks is easy.

The app will help the employer which employee works fast. You can assign more tasks to that employee and let others divide the rest. Just make sure that you will not overwhelm them.

Prioritizing means starting with the hardest and putting the easiest to the last part. The employees will know which tasks will pay better if done on time.

The small business owners can sort which project is profitable and which are not. By tracking the employee’s time, the owner can determine whether they require additional staff or not.

8# Bad Habits Are Reduced

People tend to shorten the time of their work by multitasking. It could help you save time, but it is not recommended since our brains cannot do this. Also, every time you multitask, one or two of your work may have poor quality.

If you treasure your clients, you focus on quality, satisfaction, and completing the project on time. This is not possible if you rush things and provide low quality work because of multitasking.

When you track your employees’ time, it is impossible for them to multitask because they need to record each task’s time.

Since multitasking is impossible, businesses are now sure their employees will provide enough time and attention to complete a project. So, the customers are more satisfied with the work provided.

Choosing The Right Time Tracking App

When choosing the perfect time tracking software, you have to consider several factors before you decide. With thousands of apps in the market today, picking the best is not easy. Below are some of the factors you should consider when choosing.

How many people will be using the software – is it for one person only or a team composed of 2 to 10 personnel or the entire company with more than ten employees?

  • Do you require an app-specific for your business or the general time tracking app is enough?
  • Do you require software integrated with project management, chat, and others?
  • How much are you willing to spend on the time-tracking software?
  • What features or functionalities you require on a time-tracking app, and which one you don’t need at all?

Types of Time Tracking App

These apps were designed differently to suit everybody’s needs. You can choose a standalone timekeeping system having a simple design and comes with a timesheet.

Another option is a time tracker with billing/invoicing software. It will automatically create invoices to bill your clients.

The monitoring type of time-tracking app checks on how long the employee spent on specific tasks. It also captures the employee’s screens at random to check whether they are working or idle.

The enterprise type of time-tracking app has several features designed to streamline work in bigger companies with multiple departments.

Final Thoughts

Employee time-tracking apps are easy to use, streamlined software that helps improve your business in and out. The tool can help your employees manage their time effectively, without wasting money and time.

The reasons mentioned above are only some of the help the software can provide. You also need to consider your budget and capability to get the software. If you have doubts about whether to get one for your business or not, the reasons above will convince you.

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