Alaska USA Routing Number


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Alaska USA Federal Credit Union is a leading provider of consumer financial services in Alaska with a growing membership in all 50 states in USA. On 03 April 2023, Alaska USA Federal Credit Union changed its name to Global Credit Union.

It was founded 1948 by fifteen volunteers and it was originally chartered as the Alaskan Air Depot Federal Credit Union to provide financial services to army / military personnel and also to federal employees who are deputed in Alaska.

What is a Routing Number?

Routing number or also known as routing transfer number or ABA number is a 9 digit number. This number is used to recognize the financial institution and also to know where to route the funds.

Some banks have multiple routing numbers based on their location. However, Alaska USA only have one routing number, no matter where you open the bank account.

Alaska USA Federal Credit Union Routing Number

Alaska USA Routing Number

Alaska USA now operates 76 branches in Alaska, California, Arizona, Idaho, Washington and Italy.

For all branches of Alaska USA Federal Credit Union, they have only one routing number and that is 325272021.

You can use routing number to receive wire transfers, setup automatic bill payments, or arranging direct deposit from your employer.

How to Find the Alaska USA Routing Number?

There are few ways through which you can see your routing number. For instance, if you have a checking account, you can see your 9 digit routing number on the check. You can see the number on the lower left or lower middle of the check.

If you do not have the physical check, you can also call Alaska USA support # 800-525-9094 any time to get your routing number of your Alaska USA bank

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