CIT Bank Routing Number


CIT Bank routing number is important to know for various reasons such as sending/receiving payments, making online bill payments, ACH payments, setting up direct deposits, or getting tax refunds.

Routing number is a highly important component of everyday transactions. With this number, financial institution is identified to whom the payment is made/sent.

Keep reading this article to learn about CIT Bank, what is routing number, and how to find the routing number of CIT bank.

About CIT Bank

CIT Bank Routing Number
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CIT Bank is banking company and subsidiary of financial services company, CIT Group. It is headquartered in Pasadena, California.

CIT Bank deals in personal banking as well as in business/commercial financing. They offer high yield savings, CDs, money market and custodial accounts. For more information about bank products, log on to their official website.

What is Routing Number?

Routing number is a unique 9-Digit code which is used to track the financial institution. For instance, if you want to get paid into your bank account, you need to share your bank account details along with CIT routing number with your employer/customer.

For your information, routing number is also known as ABA routing number, transit number or RTNs.

CIT Bank Routing Number

CIT Bank is the 42nd largest bank in the United States. The bank consists of online bank as well as OneWest Division is operating in 60 different locations in Southern California.

Currently, CIT bank has only one routing number for personal accounts.

CIT Bank

Sr. No. Location Routing Number
1 For Domestic Wire Transfer in USA 124084834

If you are looking for CIT bank routing number for business transactions, please contact your CIT bank customer support 877-748-0004, so you get your number.

Further, it is important to note that CIT bank has not listed its Swift code on its website. So, if you are getting payment from abroad, it is better you should consult with your bank branch/customer support first.

How to Find CIT Bank Routing Number?

Finding CIT transit number is quite easy. Here are four ways, through which you can find your 9-Digit ID to send or receive your payments.

1. On this Blog Post: We’ve listed the routing numbers of the bank for personal accounts.

2. Customer Support: You can easily get your transit number if you contact your bank’s customer support number.

3. Cheque or Bank Statement: If you’ve bank account in CIT Bank and have your cheque book, you will notice 9-digit routing number along with bank account number as well as cheque number at the bottom of the cheque.

4. Fedwire: If you still want to verify your ABA routing number for CIT bank, visit this official website of Federal Reserve.

Note: We advise you to check your bank account and routing number with your CIT bank or with your recipient. For more routing numbers of US banks, feel free to visit our Money Section.

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