Bank of America Routing Number – Location Wise


To send or receive money, it is important to know the right Bank of America routing number because it varies with respect to send.

With accurate Bank of America routing number, you can send or receive payment seamlessly and instantly.

If you are a customer of Bank of America and don’t know the exact ABA routing number of Bank of America, then in this article, we are going to share a list of routing numbers through which you can easily receive payments.

About Bank of America

Bank of America Routing Number
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Bank of America is one of the biggest and largest banks in America. It is a multinational American bank as well as financial services company. It is headquartered in Charlotte with central hubs in New York City, Dallas, Toronto, London, and Hong Kong.

Bank of America provides rang of banking services including, checking and saving accounts, credit card services, home and auto loans and investing opportunities.

What is Routing Number?

Routing number is a 9-digit code printed at the bottom of the check which identifies the financial institution in the USA.

Routing number is also known as ABA routing number, routing transit number or RTNs.

Bank of America Routing Number

Bank of America operates in multiple states in USA. They are running 4,600 retail financial centers as well as 16,200 ATMs across the country.

Consult this chart and find your right Bank of America ABA routing number with respect to state.

Bank of America Routing Numbers

No. State ABA Routing Number
1 Alabama 51000017
2 Alaska 51000017
3 Arizona 122101706
4 Arkansas 82000073
5 California 121000358
6 Colorado 123103716
7 Connecticut 11900254
8 Delaware 31202084
9 Florida, East 63100277
10 Florida, West 63100277
11 Georgia 61000052
12 Hawaii 51000017
13 Idaho 123103716
14 Illinois, South 81904808
15 Illinois, North 71000505
16 Illinois, Chicago Metro 81904808
17 Indiana 71214579
18 Iowa 73000176
19 Kansas 101100045
20 Kentucky 51000017
21 Louisiana 51000017
22 Maine 11200365
23 Maryland 52001633
24 Massachusetts 11000138
25 Michigan 72000805
26 Minnesota 71214579
27 Mississippi 51000017
28 Missouri East/St. Louis 81000032
29 Missouri West/Kansas City 81000032
30 Montana 51000017
31 Nebraska 51000017
32 Nevada 122400724
33 New Hampshire 11400495
34 New Jersey 21200339
35 New Mexico 107000327
36 New York 21000322
37 North Carolina 53000196
38 North Dakota 51000017
39 Ohio 71214579
40 Oklahoma 103000017
41 Oregon 323070380
42 Pennsylvania 31202084
43 Rhode Island 11500010
44 South Carolina 53904483
45 South Dakota 51000017
46 Tennessee 64000020
47 Texas, North 111000025
48 Texas, South 113000023
49 Texas, South 111000025
50 Utah 123103716
51 Vermont 51000017
52 Virginia 51000017
53 Washington 125000024
54 Washington, D.C. 54001204
55 West Virginia 51000017
56 Wisconsin 51000017
57 Wyoming 51000017

How to Find Bank of America Routing Number Online?

It is easy to find routing number of America on Online. Here are 4 ways through which you can easily get your routing transit number:

1. In this blog post: We have listed state wise Bank of America routing numbers for all checking accounts and wire transfers.

2. Bank of America Online Banking: You can also check and verify routing number of Bank of America by logging into online banking.

3. Cheque or Bank Statement: If you have a bank account in Bank of America, and you hold a Cheque, you can easily find your bank routing number on it. In the bottom of the cheque, you will see 9-digit Routing Number along with your bank account number and cheque number.

4. The Federal Reserve Website: Lastly, you can also check your Routing Number of Bank of America here.

Bank of America Routing Numbers For Wire Transfers

For domestic and international wire transfers to Bank of America in US, the routing number is (26009593). However, the Swift code of the Bank of America is (BOFAUS3N).

Type of wire transfer Bank of America routing number
Domestic Wire Transfer 26009593
International Wire Transfer to Bank of America account in the USA 26009593

Note: We recommend you to check your account and routing number with your bank or with your recipient. For more routing numbers of US banks, feel free to visit our Money Section.

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