Wells Fargo Routing Number


Are you looking for Wells Fargo Routing Number? In this article we are sharing a list of updated Well Fargo Routing Numbers.

About Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Routing Number

Wells Fargo & company is an American multinational financial services company, headquartered in California, United States. It is the fourth largest bank in the United States with respect to market capitalization as well as by Assets.

Wells Fargo is a famous financial institution for providing financial services including banking, investing, mortgage, credit card, personal and SME financial services.

What is Routing Number?

A routing number is a unique 9-digit numerical ID which is used to identify banking institution.

In United States, US banks and other financial institutions use routing numbers to identify banking institutions.

When you remit funds via electronic funds transfer, you must provide account as well as Wells Fargo routing number to financial institution. It will help them to identify where the funds in the transaction are coming from and going to.

Wells Fargo Routing Numbers For ACH Transfers

Wells Fargo is one of the fourth largest banks in United States. They have various routing numbers with respect to the states, where they’ve their Wells Fargo Central Offices. Following, we have listed Wells Fargo Routing Numbers by State.

Whether you need to send funds or want to receive funds, you should’ve right Wells Fargo routing number to successfully receive/send funds.

Wells Fargo Routing Numbers By State

Sr. No. State Well Fargo Routing Number
1 Wells Fargo Alabama 62000080
2 Wells Fargo Alaska 125200057
3 Wells Fargo Arizona 122105278
4 Wells Fargo Arkansas 111900659
5 Wells Fargo California 121042882
6 Wells Fargo Colorado 102000076
7 Wells Fargo Connecticut 21101108
8 Wells Fargo Delaware 31100869
9 Wells Fargo Florida 63107513
10 Wells Fargo Georgia 61000227
11 Wells Fargo Hawaii 121042882
12 Wells Fargo Idaho 124103799
13 Wells Fargo Illinois 71101307
14 Wells Fargo Indiana 74900275
15 Wells Fargo Iowa 73000228
16 Wells Fargo Kansas 101089292
17 Wells Fargo Kentucky 121042882
18 Wells Fargo Louisiana 121042882
19 Wells Fargo Maine 121042882
20 Wells Fargo Maryland 55003201
21 Wells Fargo Massachusetts 121042882
22 Wells Fargo Michigan 91101455
23 Wells Fargo Minnesota 91000019
24 Wells Fargo Mississippi 62203751
25 Wells Fargo Missouri 113105449
26 Wells Fargo Montana 92905278
27 Wells Fargo Nebraska 104000058
28 Wells Fargo Nevada 321270742
29 Wells Fargo New Hampshire 121042882
30 Wells Fargo New Jersey 21200025
31 Wells Fargo New Mexico 107002192
32 Wells Fargo New York 26012881
33 Wells Fargo North Carolina 53000219
34 Wells Fargo North Dakota 91300010
35 Wells Fargo Ohio 41215537
36 Wells Fargo Oklahoma 121042882
37 Wells Fargo Oregon 123006800
38 Wells Fargo Pennsylvania 31000503
39 Wells Fargo Rhode Island 121042882
40 Wells Fargo South Carolina 53207766
41 Wells Fargo South Dakota 91400046
42 Wells Fargo Tennessee 64003768
43 Wells Fargo Texas 111900659
44 Wells Fargo Texas – El Paso 112000066
45 Wells Fargo Utah 124002971
46 Wells Fargo Vermont 121042882
47 Wells Fargo Virginia 51400549
48 Wells Fargo Washington 125008547
49 Wells Fargo Washington, D.C. 54001220
50 Wells Fargo West Virginia 121042882
51 Wells Fargo Wisconsin 75911988
52 Wells Fargo Wyoming 102301092

How To Find Wells Fargo Routing Numbers Online?

There are four easy ways to find your routing number Wells Fargo:

1. On this page: We have listed state wise Wells Fargo routing numbers for all checking accounts and wire transfers.

2. Wells Fargo Official Website: You can also check and verify routing number of Well Fargo by visiting their official website. They will ask you 3-4 questions regarding routing numbers and account numbers and finally give you their routing number which you can use for funds transfer.

3. Well Fargo Cheque or Bank Statement: If you have a bank account in Well Fargo, and you hold a Well Fargo Cheque, you can easily find Wells Fargo routing number on it. In the bottom of the cheque, you will see 9 digit Wells Fargo Routing Number along with your bank account number and cheque number.

4. The Federal Reserve Website: You can also check your Routing Number of Well Fargo here.

Standard Routing Number & Wells Fargo Swift Code

It is important to note that Wells Fargo use routing number (121000248) for incoming wire transfer inside the United States. However, if you are receiving the wire transfer from outside of the United States, you shall provide SWIFT Code (WFBIUS6S) for funds transfer.

Types of Wire Transfer Wells Fargo Routing Numbers
Domestic Wire Transfer 121000248
International Wire Transfer to Wells Fargo account in the USA 121000248

Note: We advise you to check your account and routing number with your bank or your recipient. For more routing numbers of US banks, feel free to visit our Money Section.

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