TD Bank Routing Number – Location Wise


TD Bank routing number is important to know while sending or receiving funds into the USA banks.

If you are looking for TD Bank transit number, then in this post, we are sharing a list of location wise routing numbers for TD bank.

About TD Bank

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TD Bank is one of the biggest American national banks. It is a subsidiary of Canadian multinational Toronto-Dominion Bank.

TD bank is headquartered in Cherry Hill, NJ. It provides range of banking services such as personal banking, loans, credit cards, online banking, investment opportunities and many more.

What is Routing Number?

Routing number is a nine digital code which is used to identify the financial institution in the US. Routing number is also known as ABA routing number, transit number or RTNs. With this number, the financial institution can easily send or receive funds.

Let’s say, someone wants to send you payment in your account. You will share your account number along with the routing number. In this way, the sender will easily send you funds.

TD Bank Routing Number

Currently, TD bank has 1,300 branches in fifteen US states. Most of its branches are in New York with 270, 259 in New Jersey, 154 in Florida while 144 in Massachusetts.

To send or receive money in the TD bank account, you will need to right routing number with respect to state where you bank branch is located. Here is a list of TD bank routing numbers through which you can pick with respect to your state.

Routing Numbers – States Wise

No. States Routing Numbers
1 TD Bank Connecticut 11103093
2 TD Bank Florida 67014822
3 TD Bank Maine 211274450
4 TD Bank Massachusetts/Rhode Island 211370545
5 TD Bank Metro DC/Maryland/Virginia 54001725
6 TD Bank New Hampshire 11400071
7 TD Bank New Jersey/Delaware 31201360
8 TD Bank New York – Metro NYC or former Commerce customers 26013673
9 TD Bank New York – Upstate NY or former Banknorth customers 21302567
10 TD Bank North Carolina/South Carolina 53902197
11 TD Bank Pennsylvania 36001808
12 TD Bank Vermont 11600033

How to Find TD Bank Routing Number Online?

Here are four ways through which you can easily get your routing transit number:

1. In this blog post: We have listed state wise TD bank routing numbers for all checking accounts and wire transfers.

2. TD Bank Online Banking or Website: You can also check and verify routing number of TD Bank by logging into online banking.

3. Cheque or Bank Statement: If you have a bank account in TD, and you hold a Cheque, you can easily find your bank routing number on it. In the bottom of the cheque, you will see 9-digit Routing Number along with your bank account number and cheque number.

TD Bank Routing Number
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4. The Federal Reserve Website: Lastly, you can also check your Routing Number here.

TD Bank Routing Numbers For Wire Transfers

For domestic and international wire transfers to TD Bank in US, the routing number is (031101266). However, the Swift code of the TD Bank is (NRTHUS33XXX).

Type of wire transfer Routing number
Domestic Wire Transfer 031101266
International Wire Transfer to TD Bank account in the USA 031101266

Note: We recommend you to check your account and routing number with your bank or with your recipient. For more routing numbers of US banks, feel free to visit our Money Section.