3 Best Hybrid Frameworks For Ios Application Development


The application development process is related to different business needs and this is the core of all the application structure. Most of the web traffic is on hybrid apps as they are present on all platforms.

3 Best Hybrid Frameworks For Ios Application Development

Native apps are great for the native environment of a platform. But, many hybrid frameworks provide ease of cross-platform development with the advantage of native features. This is the sole reason that hybrid frameworks are quite popular for application development among developers.

When it comes to iOS apps development, the three most popular and feature-based hybrid frameworks can be used to develop hybrid apps that can be effectively used on different platforms with the native features of iOS.

Hybrid apps are more sophisticated than native apps and thus effectively integrate an idea into application mainframe, which is a great feature for a developer.

3 Best Hybrid Frameworks

1# Ionic


Ionic is by far one of the best frameworks available for developing hybrid apps on iOS. There are three elements in the ionic framework – the SaaS-based UI framework, the Angular framework, compiler. The framework is quite popular for its variety of CSS components.

The fourth version of ionic frameworks was recently released in March of 2019 that revolves around performance, build time improvements, multi-framework compatibility, powerful theming abilities, and new documentation.

The release of the new version has many new tools that have enhanced the smooth migration of versions and the development of apps.

Ionic version 4.0 was a ploy to improve the realm of progressive web pages development, with the glittering features of native apps. The enhancement in the ionic’s older version has come up with some amazing tools, technologies, and concepts that allow the ionic components to be used with Vue, React, Angular, or even with no framework at all.

Some of the benefits of ionic framework are

  • Easy to use the framework as anyone with knowledge of Javascript, CSS and HTML can develop apps.
  • Ionic provides easy documentation with everything present on its framework.
  • You can create seamless apps by running some command line commands, e.g. ionic g page your_ page_ name, providers, etc. When you run a command it generates all files with template codes, reducing your efforts to write everything from scratch.
  • Due to its multiple platform support, you need to develop your application once and deploy across iOS, Android, and Windows devices.
  • App development stays low-cost, agile and progressive due to focus on HTML, JS, and CSS.

2# Monaca


Another great framework for iOS app development with hybrid architecture. It has unique features and is quite popular among the developers. Monaca gives the user a set of tools to simplify and speed up the process of developing mobile apps.

Along with the other features, it provides a CLI toolkit, a debugger, a cloud IDE, support for remote compilation, packaging and Cordova/PhoneGap plugin integration.

Monaca is specifically designed to render higher productive and agile applications. Its tools are quite useful in development, debugging and compilation of app codes without any SDK’s installed for a particular platform.

This saves memory usage as SDKs are quite large. It provides paid and free plans to its clients through the registration process on its web portal.

It provides many ready-to-use templates to make the development and deployment process of apps instantaneous and easy.

You can use Monaca app development tools individually or in tandem with other tools like Git and sublime text. You can choose from a wide range of tools for collaborations or single-use.

Benefits of Monaca framework

  • It provides a flexible development environment.
  • Monaca provides a power-packed cross-platform performance.
  • It facilitates remote development of apps and deployment.
  • It renders effective debugging and testing of apps.
  • And it also facilitates a single coding structure across platforms.
  • Monaca provides the power of Cordova with backend Cordova support.

3# Onsen UI

onsen ui

Based on the HTML5, Javascript, and CSS, Onsen provides streamlined apps development with zero-time setup.

It provides stacks of components for app development like the main menu, sidebar, side menu, navigation, etc. All the components have automatic styling that will change the appearance of the app based on the platform.

It is a hybrid framework that supports both Android and iOS platforms. Due to this multi-platform support, a mobile app development company can maximize frameworks such as Onsen. Onsen provides multi-device support and optimizations to all the animations.

You can make the most of both Onsen and Monaca as both can be used in combination with each other. When your app is ready for deployment, Monaca facilitates the development of the Onsen UI app in the cloud and eventually publishes it on the App Store for instance. 

Benefits of Onsen UI

  • Onsen UI provides all the official documentation, large community forums and interactive tools to get all the answers required and make learning easy and interactive with the right tools.
  • It provides familiar technologies with a zero-time setup.
  • Ready to use stacks to develop seamless UI based on native features.
  • No need for larger SDKs from Android or iOS.


There are many hybrid frameworks for app development. But, the flexibility and UI specific facilities offered by these frameworks are quite popular and useful for apps development.

Compatibility to Cordova plugins, power these frameworks for UI specific designs to make apps more attractive and immersive. Some of these frameworks can be used together for better performance of apps across platforms.

The most important aspect is the realization of the hybrid environment for applications and its deployment.

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