Google prefers relevant and valuable content over keyword optimization

The New Guide to SEO Optimization – Focusing on What Google Wants in 2020

Google’s search algorithms have been consistently evolving since the last decade. They have continued to optimize search results to give people exactly what they search for. We see this in the form...
How Does SEO Impact Online Reputation (2)

How Does SEO Impact Online Reputation?

Why is online reputation management important for your business? Are you looking to deal with a company or a service provider and want to hire them or strike up a partnership? Business...
7 Reasons Why You Invest on High-End SEO Solutions

Why You Should Spend a Good Penny on High-End SEO Solutions

Once in a while, there are murmurs of SEO dying from the far-flung corners of the marketing world. However, the said field doesn’t seem to be dying off anytime soon, considering...
seo mistakes to avoid

12 Worst SEO Mistakes To Avoid

If you’re trying to increase traffic to a website or blog to draw more attention to your organization or business endeavors, the chances are that you’ve been thinking a lot about...
How To Use SEO To Drive Traffic & Generate Sales

How To Use SEO To Drive Traffic & Generate Sales?

For an eCommerce website, traffic acts as a fuel to the car. With no fuel, the car won’t be able to move. Similarly, if there is no traffic on the website,...
What is Technical SEO

What is Technical SEO? (Updated for 2020)

We all know that Search Engine Optimisation is the key to getting ahead in small business. Appearing ahead of the competition in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) can help you to...
How to Get Your SEO Keyword Strategy Right

How to Get Your SEO Keyword Strategy Right

Keyword research is undoubtedly one of the best and solid foundations for any successful SEO campaigns. It makes your site more visible, defines your strategy and enhances your analysis including vertical...
Marketing Methods for small business owners

5 Easy Marketing Methods Every Small Business Owner Needs in 2020

Starting a business is an interesting but challenging stage in the flotation of a company. It is necessary to balance between the constant customer engagement for growth and the quality of...
Major SEO Ranking Factors

7 Major SEO Ranking Factors In 2020 And Why

There are more than 1 billion websites as of now and a good ranking on Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) might be important and even required for a majority of...
Different Ways To Customize Your Google My Business Listings For 2019

10 Ways To Customize Your Google My Business Listings For 2020

Google My Business or GMB is a free, easy-to-use tool that helps organizations and businesses to manage and enhance their online presence and appearance across different search engines such as in...


Procreate For Windows: 8 Best Alternatives

Procreate is most probably and, overall, the best drawing app for the iPad. It has a complete set of advanced layer blending, brushes, 100...