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face recognition

Facebook brings New Face Recognition Feature

Technology is rolling very swiftly in every field and community online. This everyday increasing technology make users covet of new inventions and discovery. Users are more likely acquaintance with Facebook as this...
Microbot Push

Microbot Push for dumb devices

Technology is boosting every day. Usage of internet products are increasing vastly.  It seems like we have a new automation tool for connecting our devices with our lives. Technology is going...

Talk Talk hires BAE system to investigate cyber attack

Now-a-days Talk Talk is investigating a “significant and sustained cyber-attack” on their website to facilitate their customers. The attack was DDoS (distributed denial of service). Unluckily, many hackers tried their vulnerable...

Apple biggest profits on IPhone sale

Apple reported an increased sale in last three month to September. It also reported a net profit of $11.1bn for the period, adding that 2015 was its most successful ever year....

Instagram Hits Major Milestone

Striking Twitter by more than 80 million users, Instagram now announce its community of 400 million users, which proved that Instagram is now much famous and exceptional than Twitter. It expands...

Trillions of Facebook posts added to search results

Facebook has indexed almost trillions of post put on their site by its members to make it easier for them to find any old post. This seems to be a very...

Amazon Launches Marketplace

Etsy has been known for the biggest name in the market. But now as with the advent of technology, it is facing different kind of hurdles and a competition with the...


How To Get Free Instagram Followers?

Nowadays, getting followers, subscribers, or likes on social media is a challenge because there is tough competition. Here, we are going to talk about...
How To Buy YouTube Views

How To Buy YouTube Views?