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Check out the latest headlines and trending small business news of this week. We regularly publish daily startup news that directly impact on small and medium sized businesses. These headlines keep up-to-date the entrepreneurs and business professionals about the latest trends and help them to come up with the rational decisions to grow their businesses. Subscribe our newsletter and news feed to get daily small business news.

Android 9 Pie

13 Advance Features of Android 9 Pie

The latest and the final version of Android, Android 9 Pie comes with numerous new features that will probably turn your phone into a super computer! Well, not quite. But, there’s...
How technology is changing the job market

How Technology is Changing the Job Market?

Technology has been a major player in human civilization’s development throughout the ages. The rapidly evolving wheel of inventions has affected the human labor activities in many different ways. With that,...
how to market your products through online presence

How to Market Your Products Through Your Online Presence

Every time during the Super Bowl, the giant multinational companies compete to get a spot during the game. This year the host network charged $5.25 million just for a 30-second spot,...
How Pakistani Immigrants Have Prospered in USA

How Pakistani Immigrants Have Prospered in USA

America is full of immigrants. Pakistani people are one of those groups, and the following is going to help you understand this US minority a little better. How Many Pakistani People are...
What is a Business Owner’s Policy or BOP

Business Owner’s Policy – The Miracle Insurance for Business Owners with Multiple Risk Coverages

It takes perseverance, hard work, and smart decision making to get a business off the ground. Unfortunately, all that effort and investment can go to vain, if the business is not...
Top 20 Bitcoin Wallets

Top 20 Bitcoin Wallets in 2020

Cryptocurrencies have been around for a while now, and many aren't aware of its existence. That means the majority don’t know about its future prospects. These people are unlucky as the...
BI Solutions, Work Best for Your StartUps

8 BI Solutions, Work Best for Your StartUps

Business Intelligence (BI) is a collection of methods, processes, and technologies. BI tools transform raw data into meaningful information that helps startups to make decisions leading to a profitable business. BI...
business rewards

Business Rewards: 6 Reasons Why They Are Important

In the simplest language, one can say that business is an organization or a system where goods and services are exchanged in return for money or either some other goods or...
Anticipatory design

Why it is Important to Streamline UX with Anticipatory Design?

Creating a great user experience (UX) is the primary goal for all product designers. And it’s all up to the designer how they wish to make the process of interacting with...
How Plasma Technology Has Changed the Automotive Industry

Business of Cars: How Plasma Technology Has Changed the Automotive Industry

The major “boom” of automation and customization being utilized in the automotive industry has made it a well-known fact that the industry is dependent upon processes that are finely tuned and...


How Industry 4.0 Can Transform Small Manufacturing Businesses

Industry 4.0 sounds like one of those buzzwords that’s more focused on big companies, rather than smaller businesses. The ‘fourth industrial revolution’. But behind the...