Top 5 Technology Trends Empowering Small Business Insights


The upcoming year promises to bring the best of technology forward. While putting the best efforts to impress all potential customers, small businesses often tend to slow down when it comes to introducing new technological changes to their business processes.

But not anymore. The easier availability of technical solutions has made it easier to gain maximum support while it also promises a bright future.

Technology for Small Business: Is It Worth It?

Top 5 Technology Trends Empowering Small Business Insights

The modern generation of today demands modern solutions. It is almost impossible to understand what is going on in customers’ minds without expert support and technology is here for it.

Yes, using the trending tech of today, it has become possible to understand customers better than before and provide the services that they have been craving for.

The benefits offered by new technology are profitable enough to drive exponential business growth. The initial investment in the same might sound a problem but the returns achieved with the correct use can produce better results and increase business profits.

Top 5 Technology Trends for Small Businesses

It has become important to understand and value the customers. And with the right technical support, looking through the customers’ minds has become easier than ever.

1# Blockchain

Blockchain, the distributed digital ledger guarantees to provide the utmost security of stored data.

According to reports, the global spending on Blockchain technology is estimated to reach the heights of 2.7 billion dollars by the end of 2019.

The popularity of this technology leads to the business growth of firms that implement blockchain-based solutions. Because of the increasing popularity of Blockchain, 

Apart from offering high-scale security, Blockchain also guarantees support for efficient information acquiring as the data stored in the entire chain helps to know the origin easily that can support in knowing how and when the data was entered and if there are any faults in the system, the responsible authority can be traced down easily. This helps in maintaining the entire business system efficiently and provides great outputs.

2# Cloud Computing

Cloud computing enables a business to access various software through the cloud on any device compatible. The remote use of business-centric software enables better control and management of operations.

The new edge cloud computing focuses on providing more than just SaaS (Software as a Service) experience and ultimately benefits small businesses the most.

The services offered through cloud computing are excellent at delivering the experience across borders without putting a limit on a business’s expansion.

The more business starts using cloud-based solutions, the more growth it experiences. For small businesses, it makes it easier to control their business processes while providing enhanced functionalities and features.

Also, cloud computing provides an easier way to access the data while maintaining the security of the database and confidentiality of the stored data.

The investment in cloud-based solutions never goes to waste as the functions and features offered are excellent at providing support for running your business operations.

3# Extended Reality

Augmented and virtual reality are increasingly making headlines. The ability to answer problems rapidly and supporting to increase the user experience provided, these two technologies will redefine every way of serving customers.

Providing excellent support to showcase what a particular business operation is capable of and assuring to provide the best services, extended reality provides services that enable excellent user experience.

The difference between augmented reality and virtual reality becomes essential to understand when it comes to implementing them in business operations. While augmented reality tends to imitate virtual entities over the real-world, virtual reality focuses on the interaction of real-world entities in the virtual environment.

The global market of AR and VR is estimated to reach 18.8 billion U.S. dollars by 2020 and this will impact the operations of small businesses also.

The services offered by augmented and virtual reality demand the gadgets enabled with the best implementation of each and businesses can benefit the most by implementing these smart solutions.

4# Artificial Intelligence

One of the most anticipated trends for the upcoming year is artificial intelligence. Further exploration in this field tends to invent new solutions that are excellent at providing services and enhance the services businesses are offering.

With the use of this technology, a maximum of important business operations are automated including the manufacturing of products to increase the accuracy of the task at hand and maximize the throughput.

For example, many businesses of today have introduced their own app solutions that are excellent at serving customers and offer 24*7 customer support through chatbots. They integrate this feature in their app like uber where customers can ask their queries anytime and the immediate reply will be delivered by chatbots. Moreover, these chatbots keep on learning from the customers and hence, the services provided through them excel as time passes. 

This eliminates the requirement for adding up human support by hiring dedicated personnel and instead, a simple program running in the background can offer excellent support at any hour of the day, every day.

5# Cybersecurity: Increasing Threats Leads to Smarter Solutions

Modern technology has empowered businesses to get their requirements answered easily through software solutions.

However, the increasing number of business operations are switching to online, most importantly, financial operations which have given rise to occurrences of cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity: Increasing Threats Leads to Smarter Solutions

And this is where cybersecurity enters the picture. To save an organization from suffering the consequences of cyber threats, various security measures are put in effect to prevent potential attacks on their organizational and user data.

Even though Blockchain technology claims to provide utmost security, frequent successful attacks on cryptocurrencies and thefts tells another story.

To save users and business organizations from these vicious attacks, the cybersecurity measures are also being updated with the changing demands of businesses and improved skills of hackers.

The trends of cybersecurity promise to make the world a better place when it comes to securing it through software solutions and enhanced technology approaches.


There are major technical changes coming in how businesses operate their routine tasks. However, the development of different software solutions using the same technology trends will surely provide excellent support to small businesses.

Updating its business operations with this trending solution can prove beneficial for businesses belonging to any scale and provide excellent services.

Moreover, the best approaches taken for serving customers with utmost importance gives a business rapid boost and drives business growth. Supporting the expansion of business operations and growth, these technology trends surely supports every business at its best.

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