Top 6 Business Technology trends That Will Reshape The Working Methodology


Technology has always played a crucial role in reshaping how businesses operate. No matter the nature of the industry, all businesses need to follow the emerging trends to keep operating successfully.

However, technology is an ever-evolving space. New business technology trends keep coming from time to time. And every time something happens, it brings new opportunities for small businesses to grow.

To emerge triumphant from the competition and step up from the crown, you need to have a blistering pace. And for that, you need to stay updated with the latest tech trends in the industry.

Here are 6 Business Technology Trends That Will Reshape The Working Methodology in the Coming Year-:

6 Business Technology Trends You’ll See in 2020

Top Business Technology trends That Will Reshape The Working Methodology

1# The Power of AI

AI is one of the most popular buzzwords in the entire technology space. With every passing day, companies are trying to leverage the power of AI in every possible way.

Through harnessing the power of AI, you can automate most of your daily tasks and significantly boost efficiency in your organization. Moreover, with AI, you can quickly speed up your processing and streamline operations, allowing your team to be more productive and focus more on the competencies.

The AI-powered tools can help you to quickly as well as accurately analyze humongous amounts of data and provide you with detailed insights into your business.

Plus it also eliminates the risk of errors and helps you to come up with better products/services for your customers.

2# Getting Connected with IoT Devices

With the surge in the popularity of Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and other connected devices, it can quickly be concluded that a significant number of people have started to rely on IoT.

According to a report by Gartner, the number of connected things in use will hit 14.2 billion in 2019. However, it’s the consumers who will be using IoT the most, but the businesses will do.

IoT devices allow teams to get connected, both inside and outside the office compound. Helping them to communicate as well as collaborate more effectively.

Be it your operations team or the sales team, the use of IoT in their everyday work and significantly help them to operate in a better way.

3# Chatbots for Customer Services

75% of the online customers expect a response within five minutes after registering their issue. And if your customer service fails to that, then the user is likely to abandon your brand immediately.

Chatbots are reliable and help your business stay available for your customers 24×7. With AI-powered Customer Chatbots, your brand gets to respond more accurately as well as quickly.

As most of the business appoints an entire customer service team, the use of chatbots can partially replace them and help a business to save money.

However, many businesses don’t trust on chatbots because it lacks the human touch, causing a low engagement rate.

But with time, chatbots are becoming more advanced, and soon they will be able to replace the sales team completely.

4# Software Unification

“Connecting software to work with other software is hard,”
– Roy Mann, CEO, and Co-founder of

Today in the modern workspace, a number of tech solutions are becoming necessary for communication.

Businesses leverage Outlook to send emails and documents, Slack for effective communication, Salesforce to manage customers, Google drive to store data, and Basecamp to plan projects.

Soon, all these services will finally merge into a single platform and allow businesses to have seamless communication. And this unification will be one of the significant trends in the future, helping businesses to grow.

5# Optimizing Content for Voice Search

Just within the past few years, the voice search industry has grown with staggering speed. More and more people have started to use voice search on their smartphones for finding content online.

People use voice search to find answers to their queries and various products or services. But why use voice search? Because it is way easier than typing. It’s convenient and allows people to get results more instantly.

But how does it help businesses? Optimizing content for voice search will help you to ace the game of online marketing.

Since it just at its nascent stage, leveraging it for your business will help you to increase your SEO ranking as well as traffic flow. And it’s no secret that the more traffic you get, the more sales you make.

Although voice queries are conversational and longer, you shouldn’t confuse them with long term keywords. They are generally questions related to local search.

This means that if you have a local business, optimizing content for voice search can significantly help you to gain more visibility.

6# Improving Customer Support with VR

Another trending buzzword in the industry – Virtual Reality. Virtual reality is no more just about gaming, but it can even help your small business grow exponentially.

With time and the increasing trend of using VR for businesses, it’s becoming more and more affordable. But how does a small business leverage VR to grow?

VR can immensely help you to engage with your website visitors. All you need to do is enrich your website with videos that your visitors can watch with VR headsets.

For example, if you’re a real estate business owner, you can allow your visitors to virtually walk through the future property they want to build like they are moving around the property. Interesting, right?

You can allow your clients to virtually walk through any kind of property like offices, houses, factories, or any other properties and get an idea of how their future property would look like.

This will not increase the chances of them hiring you but will also help you to step up and stand out from the crowd.


If you aren’t tech-savvy following all these emerging trends can sound daunting to you first.

However, you might not be able to realize how immensely can these trends help you to grow your business.

It’s not just about increasing sales, but it’s also about saving time, and money and of course improving customer experience.

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