Commercial Relocation: How To Minimize Expenses


Commercial relocation is both an exciting and daunting process. It is exciting as you are probably moving to a better location to attract more clients and customers or because your business is growing and you need to expand. But, it is also a daunting process as it involves a lot of preparation, and of course, money, time and energy.

There is no arguing in the fact that commercial relocation can be expensive and it can end up costing twice as much than you expected.

But, if you start planning for it on time, you will be able to minimize expenses. So, without further ado, let us give you some ideas on how to have a budget-friendly commercial relocation.

6 Budget Friendly Commercial Relocation Ideas

commercial relocation minimize expenses

1# Set a Moving Date and a Budget Ahead of Time

It is of key importance to set a moving date and a budget as soon as you realize that moving an office on budget is necessary. This is important if you do not want your commercial relocation to affect your business and to break your bank.

The earlier you start planning, the more money you will save. This will give you plenty of time to explore your options. You can find a moving company specialized in commercial relocations that suits both your needs and your budget.

Last minute bookings are usually really expensive, and there will be no chance to get any kind of discount or promotion.

Moreover, if you have a moving date and a budget set, you will have time to involve all your employees in the relocation and to do some DIY kind of projects that will save you a lot of money.

2# Declutter and Sort Through Your Current Inventory

Many moving companies base their price on the weight of the move. That is, the more items you have, the more money you will need for relocation. So, the most logical thing you can do to cut expenses for your commercial relocation is to declutter and downsize.

Simply get rid of the things you do not need. This can be a long process, especially if you have a lot of boxes with paperwork. It would be best to involve all your employees in this process of decluttering.

Throw away anything that is outdated, not working, and not serving its purpose. Go through all of your inventory. That includes paperwork, office equipment, office furniture – basically, go through everything inside your office.

Moreover, if you plan on buying office equipment and furniture for your new office, do everything in your power to sell current things in your office. That is a great way to earn some extra cash.

3# Let Your Employees Help

As previously mentioned, it is of key importance to involve all of your employees in your company’s commercial relocation. Involve them in the planning process. For example, each employee can first declutter and then pack their own desk, cabinets, cubicle or office.

This way, employees will be in charge of their own things and know exactly where everything is located. There is nothing worse than coming to the first day of work in your new office, and not knowing where things are.

Moreover, this will save a lot of money as you will not have to pay the moving company for the additional fees. The only thing movers will have to do is load the truck, and relocate everything to the new location.

4# Move Your Office During the Off-Season

Another thing that can save you a lot of money on your commercial relocation is moving during the off-season.

Believe it or not, but the prices can vary a lot depending on the time of the year. So, if you know that you have to move and you have time to plan for it, then plan your relocation for autumn or winter. These two seasons are a lot cheaper because nobody moves then.

Many moving companies will also give you all sorts of discounts and promotions which is another great way to cut moving expenses.

If possible, stay away from moving in summer and spring. Everybody will be moving then, and it will be hard for you to even find an available moving company.

5# Organize a DIY Kind of Packing

If you and your employees pack everything by yourselves, you will save tons of money on your commercial relocation.

Moving companies tend to charge packing as an additional fee, and additional fees cost a lot. So, save yourself from that trouble and tell everybody about your plan.

It would be best to give your employees a free day just for sorting out their things in the office and packing it inside the boxes. Encourage them to get rid of everything that is unnecessary, broken or outdated.

Moreover, if you have some items of furniture or electronics that you no longer need, consider selling or donating them. Then, you can focus on some budget-friendly decorating ideas for your new office.

6# Hire the Right People For the Job

If you have to move all of a sudden, or if you are too busy and occupied with your work, the best solution would be to hire professional movers. Yes, this can be more expensive, but if you hire them ahead of time, you will be able to save some money.

Moreover, if experienced and trained movers are working on your commercial relocation, you will not have to worry about something going wrong.

If some accident happens during the move, it can end up costing you twice as much, especially if you do not have insurance for your belongings. So, having the right moving company can save you a lot of time, energy, nerves and money.

You just have to be willing to start looking even months before the moving date. And while movers take care of your commercial relocation, you should try to organize an office party for the employees. This will can motivate your workers and maybe boost their productivity.

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Author Bio: Angie Sims is an experienced and trained mover. After years of working for the moving company called, she became an expert for both residential and commercial moving, and for all sorts of specialty moving as well. She focuses on providing the best relocation experience for her clients while maintaining a professional relationship with all parties.