How To Cultivate A Professional Image in the Business World


When you are trying to make it in the business world, having the knowledge and innovation to be a titan of the industry simply isn’t enough.

If people can’t see from the moment they first meet you that you mean business, then you are going to have a hell of a time convincing them you are the best person to help their company, get that promotion or secure those investors.

In order to help you cultivate the ideal image of a business professional in no time, this handy guide has broken down the issue into four key sections for you.

If you take heed of the information below, you will be able to make an amazing first impression at every meeting and start to climb your way up the corporate ladder.

6 Ways To Create Professional Image

How To Cultivate A Professional Image in the Business World

1. Travel in Style

When you first arrive at an interview or a meeting, people won’t first see you in the boardroom but will see you pulling up into the car park.

If you arrive in an old, bashed up car, you have already ruined your chances of looking professional. Instead, look into getting a swift and professional motorcycle to give off the youthful energy needed to be an innovator.

You can get bad credit motorcycle loans to help you buy this instant status symbol and improve your image.

2. Look the part

The second thing you need to think about is how you dress. The best way to look right is to play it safe and try to follow a professional dress code. This largely will mean quite conservative dressing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own personality to it as well.

If you are a woman, adding in some statement jewelry is a great idea, and if you’re a man, getting a luxury watch to wear can look awesome.

3. Ace your business cards

Business cards are a huge part of making contacts in the industry, and if yours look amateur, or are just your number scrawled on a piece of scrap paper, then you can forget about networking. To get this right, you need to do your research into what makes a great business card and follow the advice to the letter.

Always make sure that your name and contact information is easy to read and that the design isn’t too busy. Bright colors can give off the impression of being childish, so instead opt for safer tones. A great idea is to include a scan box that will let people connect with your website.

4. Master the Introduction

The final thing you need to think about is getting some advice on how to introduce yourself in the right way. First impressions are so easy to get wrong so you need to do all you can to combat this.

Make sure to practice your handshake and smile, be an active listener, and always follow up with them after saying goodbye to strengthen your list of contacts. A good idea is always to be reading about the latest business trends and new to have something to discuss.

5. Be Reliable

For your personal reputation, being trusted is one of the most productive stuff you can do. However, create sure you walk a fine line between being the go – to gal and making the most of you by individuals.

If you’re making a commitment to someone, whether it’s a deadline or something to assist them out, make sure you’re going through it. Set clear limits with what you’re prepared to do at job or in company for others. Say no when it’s necessary.

6. Be a Positive Communicator

What you’re saying and how you’re saying it’s essential in image building. Have you really taped yourself to imagine the loudness, pitch, and tone of your voice in natural discussion or reading aloud; and your enunciation and pace?

Audio tapes can tell us a lot: uninteresting monotonous, nasal, strenuous, dropped g’s, overuse of um’s and ah’s, and you know. This all can contribute to a private picture that is negative.

Be a healthy listener while maintaining your staff and peers informed about what is happening in your company or agency at the same moment. Spend more time listening as speaking, and communicate orally and in writing as positively as possible.

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Author: Faisal Mateen