5 Effective Ways to Drive E-commerce Sales Using Push Notifications


The eCommerce industry is booming at a pace faster than ever. There are as many online buyers as offline ones. Competition is taking its course with more and more individuals carving their way in the eCommerce industry.

Given such a scenario, leaders of the eCommerce organizations are constantly eyeing upon the strategies that help them out-stand competition and lead the charge.

Of all the end goals of an organization, user engagement happens to be the most important. Until and unless a user interacts and communicates with your business, it stands in a dormant stage.

Hence, it becomes imperative for entrepreneurs to devise methods and employ measures that aim to improve and enhance the overall engagement of a user.

While there are many ways to lure a customer visit your website, retaining them is a bit tough. Entrepreneurs have been ideating on the same and it appears that push notifications are one of the effective ways to craft an engagement between the business and the user.

If you aren’t sure about the concept, this article will help you walk down the prospects of push notifications and further highlight ways by which you can use it to benefit your eCommerce business.

Before stepping in the spectrum of push notifications, let’s have a quick look at different stats that opine the growth of the eCommerce industry.

Key Statistics

  1. The net worth of eCommerce sales was recorded as $3.45 trillion in 2019.
  2. The total eCommerce sales account for 13.7% of global retail sales.
  3. It is expected that nearly 95% of sales would be driven through eCommerce by 2040.

5 Ways Push Notifications Help Fuel Business Growth

5 Effective Ways to Drive E-commerce Sales Using Push Notifications

So you see how powerful is the eCommerce sector and how important is it for you to create a difference, in order to sustain a position in the competitive market. Using push notifications, app owners have the ease to keep their users updated and increase engagement.

It is a well-known fact that push notifications are customer-specific and pitched directly to the users over their mobile phone. Having said that, the likelihood of a customer clicking the notification and viewing it for further engagement is comparatively higher.

It is seen that leaders who target push notifications in the right way, experience higher sales. Let’s not talk more about the theory and see how can you use it to drive sales.

1# Segment Your Audience Right

 We are well aware of the fact that push notifications need to be designed in a way that appeals to the audience in the best way. Meaning that the notification should be such that it is specific to the customer and has the potential to trigger the purchasing intention of the buyer.

Now to do this, it is important that you perform in-depth research on the customer’s behavior, analyze and then group them into different categories so as to better design the push notifications.

The criteria that determine different categories include age, geographical area, products and services, and the tendency of a user to make a purchase.

For instance, if a user has the tendency to purchase fitness related items, notifying him/her about new offers would most likely motivate them to engage with the business and look for relevant products.

On the contrary, if you pitch a fitness product to a customer who has no interest, the probability of the same to click open the notification is least.

2#  Time The Notification

Sending out messages to a user when they are offline or inactive would be as good as not sending one, in the first place. Hence, you need to study your audience base in order to make the most out of the marketing process. Consider, your customer segment is primarily children.

So, notifying them with offers or deals during their school hours would not fetch results. Further, plan the notification in a way that would trigger the customer and convince him to make a purchase.

Consider a user who has just abandoned the cart, so what you can do is, send them personalized messages relating to their unattended cart and lure them to close the deal.

According to a survey, push notifications sent at the appropriate time increases sales by 39%.

3#  Focus On Creating Trust

Many USA based e-commerce development companies find this strategy very crucial to draw higher revenue. Definitely, push notifications are tailored to enhance sales but orchestrating them in a manner that educates the user about the product, service, and brand creates a sense of trust.

Share your stories, customer reviews and product specific information to create transparency. If a customer trusts your brand, he/she is more likely to engage with the same and promote sales.

Every time a new user subscribes to your push notifications, make sure to greet them and welcome them to your family.

Show you care and see how much they care.

4#  Test Your Pitching

You are no master or an expert that the very first time, you send a push notification, you witness sales. This is not even practical and what we suggest you do is a test, try and modify. What we mean to say is that draft different notifications, plan, strategize and send it to your list of customers.

Once you are through, study the response and see which notification serves you the maximum sales and by which segment of customers. This helps you better craft your notifications in the future and experience greater sales.

5#  Format

As much as the time of sending and the audience to whom is sent appears important, the content of the notification also is. It is advocated that you draft the notification in a manner that is optimized, generates curiosity, adds information and further urges the customer to engage with your brand and possibly, end up purchasing.

A captivating title, informational body, and an excellent closure are what a push notification includes. Add an image for a better approach and connect better with your potential buyers.

The Final Word

 While there could be more on the list, the aforementioned are the top five ways you can employ in your marketing strategies and witness greater sales with customized push notifications.

In case you are planning to set up your eCommerce business or struggling to improve sales of an existing one, investing in push notifications might serve your purpose best.

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