How To Design A More Inviting & Productive Office Space


The way your office space looks will drastically affect your productivity. When an office is well-designed and organized, it can inspire people to work hard.

The truth is, anyone can feel motivated to work when they have an amazing office space. To create an inviting and productive office space, here are our tips and tricks you can follow.

7 Ways To Design A More Inviting & Productive Office Space

man with headphones working in an office next to a window

1. Consider the Furniture

The furniture you choose can make or break your office space. You shouldn’t overlook this, as poorly designed furniture can make people work less. Good furniture will keep you and your colleagues healthy, minimizing the risk of back injuries and pain.

An uncomfortable chair can make people feel tired faster than they usually would. So, when choosing furniture for your office space, make sure it is ergonomic and functional. After spending some time in a high-quality chair, you will notice the difference.

Modular furniture is one of the best options to add to an office space. With modular furniture, it will be easy to change things up a bit from time to time. This function is essential in an office space because you might find yourself in a situation where you’ll need to add another desk or more storage solutions.

2. Introduce some personality to the space

Not every office space can or should look the same way. You can add style and personality to the area without disrupting or overpowering the room. The easiest thing to do is add simple décor items that will make the space feel more inviting and less formal.

Start by adding a couple of paintings and motivational posters to the office’s walls. Choose easy colors for the eyes, such as green and blue. If you want to go bold with the design of your office space, it’s best to do so through subtle décor so that it doesn’t distract people from working.

3. A functional layout is key to a productive office space

a man working in an office next to a window
An inviting and productive office space is the key to success

Before you start implementing changes, look at your office space’s layout. It’s important to arrange furniture to work to your advantage and create an inviting and productive office space. You can draw or use a computer program to visualize the space better.

Before settling on the furniture’s final layout, try out different versions. Who knows, there could be a layout that works even better than the one you had in mind. When making an office layout, keep in mind that all areas in the office space should be easily accessible.

Also, the office space should be easily walked through without having to go around furniture and décor. Have the desks facing the window instead of a wall if you can. A bright and beautiful view can inspire just about anyone to work hard.

4. Create a spacious office space

Minimizing the number of things you have in your workspace is essential, no matter the size of your office. That will make the office feel more spacious and bigger than it is.

Another way to make the office feel bigger is to add mirrors and lighter wall colors. These changes will also make the space brighter, as the light will reflect off the walls and mirrors. It will make the space look inviting and clean, making it a perfect environment to work in and create in.

5. Designate an area for relaxing

an inviting and productive office space will have people working harder
People will feel more inspired to work when they have a beautiful, inviting office.

One of the things that are commonly overlooked when designing an office space is the break area. A fun and beautiful relaxing area will let you and your colleagues recharge your batteries quickly at work.

Once you come back and begin working again, it will be easy to focus on the task you were doing before the break. Without an inviting break room or area people can take some time to relax in, they will feel as if they are constantly working.

That can make people feel tired when returning from their break and unable to focus. So, when designing your office space, it’s just as important to keep the break area in mind.

6. Store things away as much as you can

Focusing on the task ahead can be challenging when many things take up the necessary workspace. Less is more, especially when it comes to designing an office space.

If you choose to shelve to store stuff in the office, make sure it is either closed shelving or that you have storage boxes to put things in. That will make the office feel spacious and organized.

People will find it easier to focus on important things when you minimize distractions such as these. Another pro is that the office will be airy and clean when there aren’t things collecting dust.

7. Plants will help you create an inviting and productive office space

One of the most versatile and beautiful décor items you can add to an office space is plants. People won’t feel as cooped up inside, surrounded by beautiful greenery. It will make people feel more relaxed and, therefore, in a better mood to work.

Plants can have a lot of mental health benefits, which will boost your mood and make you more joyful about working. They can reduce stress and anxiety in your office space, making it easier to work and focus.

Final Thoughts

Designing an office space is a challenging, necessary task. You must combine style and functionality to create an inviting and productive office space that will motivate people to work.

However, if you follow this advice, it can be easily achievable. With these tips and tricks, you’ll soon create a place you will love working in day after day.

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