14 Office Designs That Will Motivate Your Employees


Did you know that the way your offices are designed can affect your employees’ productivity? Even though the large part of their motivation and creativity is within themselves, you can help them achieve their maximum by creating an atmosphere where they can thrive. What can you do?

Think about the office design to bring the best out of your employees. Can you add something to improve it? Can you make a small change that will brighten everyone’s day?

If so, go for it. If you’re out of the ideas, check these 14 office designs that will improve your workspace significantly.

14 Office Designs That Will Motivate Your Employees

Office Designs That Will Motivate Your Employees

1. Let the sunshine in

One of the most important things for workplace productivity is natural light. Having a well-lit office with large windows is a great way to spark up your employees’ creativity and motivate them to work. So, let the sunshine in.

However, not every business space has large windows that provide enough natural light. Instead of changing your space, consider adding high-quality LED bulbs to lighten up the workplace. Sometimes having good artificial light is enough to keep your employees focused and engaged.

And sometimes it’s not. Productivity and engagement come from colors. Keep your offices’ walls brightly colored and opt for the interesting furniture instead of the dull, traditionally professional one. Workplaces like these really do bring out the best mood and creativity.

2. I like to move it, move it!

There’s nothing that kills the joy and creativity more than the dull rules. Who says that you have to sit at the same desk every day, work on the same tasks to get your job done?!

Allow your employees to move around the office and find the space that suits them the most. Some like sitting by the window, while the others find darker corners more appealing and calming. It’s all up to each individual.

To make things easier for them, consider getting adaptable furniture. Comfy chairs with wheels, adaptable armrests and height are fantastic for those who spend most time of their day working on the computer.

Don’t forget the desks with adaptable height. Some people like to stand up in the middle of the day and continue working on their tasks while standing.

3. Watch your world transform

It’s commonly known that a lot of manager and team leaders spend most of their day in the meeting rooms while coming up with new plans and ideas for the other employees.

Sitting in the boring, uncomfortable chairs at a long desk really does nothing to help their creativity. So, it is time for transformation.

Transform your traditional meeting rooms into lounging areas where ideas and creativity blossom. Try adding comfortable seating areas, big desks and white or glass board to spike up their motivation to work.

Working in such a non-stressful environment can be really beneficial for the entire company. Surely, your business partners and clients wouldn’t mind having a relaxing meeting in a lounge instead of the stuck-up meeting rooms.

4. Together we’re stronger

Working in a team brings the best out of each team member if the atmosphere is right. By creating co-working spaces on your premises, you’re allowing your employees to feel like they’re a part of the bigger picture.

Everyone who feels like they are included in the process of creating something greater than themselves feels more motivated and inspired to work harder.

To boost the productivity and fulfilment, ask your business partners to join you in the co-working space you’ve created.

Instead of emails and phone calls, in-person communication can boost the cooperation and motivation for both sides. It’s a win-win situation for you, your partner and the client.

5. I’m better by myself

No matter how hard you try to build a successful team, some employees will simply thrive when they are on their own.

They enjoy working alone and are most productive and creative when left at peace. Even though this might go against your team policies, providing individual zones is the best you can do for those who like working quietly.

Create a space with a lot of single desks, just like the library. Don’t forget to implement enough outlets to enable all introverts to work peacefully on their own. Make sure that those individual zones are quiet indeed.

If you’re unable to create an additional individual zone, consider providing noise-cancelling headphones to those employees who don’t like loud noises and chatting.

6. Everything is allowed in love and war… and art

Artistic people crave all the freedom in this world. They want to express their ideas most innovatively and creatively. If you have such artsy individuals in your team, try to provide them with the best space where they can express their creativity.

Artist’s hub is the office of the future. It’s ideal for anyone that wants to spark up the imagination and get the creative juices flowing. Don’t overdo with space. Colors do inspire but if you include too many of them, that space can be distracting, so be careful there.

Consider adding graphic boards, glass boards and markers as well. Depending on the type of work you require, try to provide the best equipment that will spark up your employees’ creativity and motivate them to do their best.

7. Cook something up in an innovation lab

Artistic spaces aren’t meant for everyone. Some people simply thrive while collaborating with others in semi-private spaces called innovation labs. It’s a cluster of tables with a comfortable seating area separated from one another by privacy screens.

These spaces are ideal for smaller private meetings and idea brainstorming with your colleagues. They provide the privacy your employees need to focus on their tasks while working with other people. They are also perfect for idea exchanging and project starting.

Encourage your employees to give a hand to their colleagues in need. Many people get creativity blocks every now and then, and inspiration and ideas other suggest can significantly improve the work.

8. Hear ye, hear ye!

Hear ye, hear ye, there’s a new event on the work premises that includes everyone! How will you broadcast this message? Will you send one of your employees to every single other worker to spread the news? Absolutely not.

That will disturb many people and create chaos you’re trying to avoid. Instead, put up a pin-up board by the main entrance where everyone can see it.

Community boards are fantastic for spreading important information to all of your colleagues.

If you have an announcement to make, simply pin it up on the board by the entrance and encourage others to do so.  That’s how you’ll keep everyone informed and engaged in the business activities you’re organising.

9. If you can dream it, do it!

It’s advised to encourage and motivate your employees on their tasks. However, team leaders and managers can’t spend all day every day motivating employees to do better. You need to come up with a solution that will help you motivate your employees without spending too much time.

Therefore, it would be ideal if you could create a motivational wall. Nothing is inspiring and creative about the blank wall. Instead of white wall paint, ask your employees to come up with the quotes that motivate them the most. Write them down on this motivational wall using a pretty font and a wall dye.

That’s how you’ll engage and motivate your employees to work better. Make sure that the wall is visible to most people passing through the offices. So, use bright colours and images to convey your messages.

10. You’re our pride and joy

Nothing sparks up a motivation more than praises and compliments. People love to hear feedback information about their work and how can they improve it. It will motivate them to work harder and try their best on their tasks. So, how can you spark up constant motivation?

Each month, choose the employee of the month! Print out his or her picture with all the wonderful things they’ve done for your company and place in on the pride wall where everyone can see it.

Consider rewarding top 5 employees each month with a bonus or additional days off for their vacations. For better results, ask your employees what would they like to get from the company. However, try to keep things modest. They will be ready to tackle challenges and earn rewards more than ever.

11. We are all still learning

Learning is the best way to improve your skills and abilities. Most people learn even after finishing their schools and degrees. So, people like that are a valuable addition to your company. They will contribute to your improvement if you help them on their journey towards knowledge. How can you help them?

Create an office that is designed liked a classroom for special seminars and additional classes. Give your employees an opportunity to learn a new skill, a new programme or a new language and they will give back by implementing that knowledge in their work.

With continuous education and learning, your employees are improving their set of skills, making them more skilful and able to tackle future obstacles and try their best to complete the tasks.

12. Low battery, please plug in your charger

People who work more than 8 hours during the day can get tired pretty easily. Some projects require the whole day dedication, so frequent “recharge breaks” are necessary.

Even though most employers expect their employees to work 8 hours without breaks, breaks are necessary for productivity and motivation.

Therefore, creating recharge rooms for your employees is a great investment. Did you know that a 15-minute break can recover their energy and motivation almost completely? Provide lounges and lazy bags where your employees can rest from the work they’ve done.

Also, video games are a magnificent way of sparking up creativity. Include video game consoles in the recharge room to inspire your employees to think outside of the box and create something unique and original everyone will love.

13. Take a break before your break

Breakrooms are absolute essentials in every workplace. If your employees are constantly staring at their computer screens, motivation and productivity start to drop. You don’t want that to happen right? So, design cosy and comfortable breakrooms your employees can use when they feel tired or drained.

Breakrooms are ideal for chatting with your colleagues and coming up with new ideas while resting from the stress and current work. There’s nothing that recovers a person more than a delicious cup of coffee. So, consider providing free coffee for your hard-working employees.

It’s commonly known how expensive coffee machines can get. Yet, it’s proven that they provide only the top-notch coffee your employees crave.

Instead of spending a fortune on this gadget, rent a coffee machine and enjoy the aroma whenever you’d like. Show your employees that you care about them by offering the high-quality coffee they deserve for their productivity.

14. Tired of sitting? Do a work workout

Not many employees are aware of the fact that physical activity can increase motivation, freshen up the brain and boost productivity. During the short breaks, encourage your employees to do a short workout that will help them wake up and shake their body up.

Provide an empty space with mats where your employees can do a workout at work which will increase their creativity and inspiration. On top of that, brief physical activity can also boost their immune systems which will result in less sick days and better work.


As you can see, there are numerous ways in which you can organise your office space to spark up your employees’ creativity. Pay attention to their wants and needs for the best results.

Don’t forget to include unique designs and a lot of seating area where your employees can freely work and enjoy a cup of coffee with colleagues. Remember, to achieve productivity and creativity, get boring and dull out of your system!

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Author: Nina Simons